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There are many people who have their interest in Volunteering. For those people, Ethiopia is the best place for volunteering and the volunteers can surely get great help from here. There are a large number of people who visit Ethiopia only to volunteer. Ethiopia gives many such opportunities to the volunteers so that they can support other local communities. They also get the advantage of knowing the country, Ethiopia in a better way. This is for all those who are very eager to volunteer and visit Ethiopia in this regard. Before anything, they need to consider some Rules and regulations. There are actually many plans to be made before you visit Ethiopia that too as a volunteer because you need to be aware of all the facilities given by East Africa, specially Ethiopia. You must be thinking about where to apply for the Volunteer Visa and what are the rules and precautions that are to be taken. You need not worry about the visa. Tourist Visa Online is always there for you to help you with the application process. We will tell about all the details that are needed to apply for the visa. We are at your services and you can call us anytime whenever you face problems or need us.


Types of Visas available for Ethiopia

Tourist Visathis visa is mainly applied by the people who want to visit this place and plan to spend a vacation there with friends and family.

  • Business Visa – this visa is mainly given to the professionals who come to Ethiopia for business purposes and try to expand their business and improve their visibility.
  • Work Visa – this visa is issued by the embassy. This is for a foreign professional who wants to visit Ethiopia only for work purposes. It might also be the case where the foreign employee works for an international organization or institute.
  • Investment Visa – this visa is introduced for those who have planned to invest in the Ethiopian business or Agricultural business or any other Manufacturing company or any others.
  • Journalist Visa – This visa is mainly for those people who go to Ethiopia for journalismAnd for film making careers.
  • Volunteer Visa - this visa is only for those who want to visit Ethiopia for volunteering and working in the non governmental organizations of Ethiopia.
  • Private Firm Visa – This visa is issued to those professionals who come to Ethiopia for working in the private companies and they complete their projects and assignments here in Ethiopia.


Documents required for applying a Volunteer Visa Online through Tourist visa online 

  • Firstly, you need a recent photograph of yours and photograph should be passport size. 
  • The volunteer must carry with him the passport which should be original and that will be having the validity for at least 6 months. 
  • There should be the Written official letters from the organization that you will be working for as a volunteer. 
  • You should also show the registration license of the organization you will be working for in Ethiopia.
  • You should be at least 18 years of age for being a volunteer to Ethiopia. 
  • And the most important thing is that you must be able to communicate with others in English. 


Application process and time required for applying a visa online for Ethiopia and visa validity 

Tourists are given the freedom or rather the advantage of being a volunteer for a short term. You can apply for the volunteer visa online itself via tourist visa online. The application process won’t take much time it would hardly take 10 minutes if you are applying true tourist visa online via your device. It is highly recommended that when you are submitting your application for the visa you must recheck your application twice before finally submitting the application. The east visa of Ethiopia will be valid for at least 90 days including the date of the visa that was issued.

Some Ethiopian visitors are claimed to be as the workers that are recognized by the Ethiopian government and they require a business visa. Now if a traveller or a tourist want a business visa who is already residing in Ethiopia then he or she will not get it because a business visa is required to book prior to travel.

Visitors who are applying for the volunteer visa must keep in touch with their head of the organization where he or she is working as the volunteer. The people who Are already working in the organization can give you correct details about what is needed when you are applying for a volunteer visa.

You can work as a volunteer in Ethiopia from the duration of one week to six months. Linear programs are generally held in Adidas Ababa and other surrounding localities. If you want to extend your stay date in Ethiopia then you have to apply for the extension with prior notice. 

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