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Every traveller who is planning to visit and have experience of Ethiopian tourism needs to keep in mind a few guide points. Here we will discuss the different places to visit in Ethiopia. There are lakes, waterfalls, national parks, and many more. It generally takes about 2 weeks for completing the whole tour of Ethiopia. The perfect time to visit Ethiopia is from October to February. The Timkat festival takes place around the time of January. So you can plan your trip accordingly. The rainy season in Ethiopia starts from June to August or even September. Get your tourist visa online and fly to Ethiopia and experience the best places.

How to get tourist visa online for visiting Ethiopia:

Any traveller from any country needs an Ethiopian tourist visa for entering airports of Ethiopia. The Ethiopia visa is simple and easy to get by just following few steps. There are 2 ways for getting an Ethiopian visa. The one is online and the other is visa on arrival at the airport. The difference between the two ways is very simple. If you choose the online visa option you can get the visa at the airport without standing in line and save time. If you choose the visa on arrival you need to stand for a long time and get the process done. The payments for the process of an Ethiopia visa either by cash or card.


30 Days Tourists Visa

For the 30 days tourist visa you need to pay about fifty (50) US dollars. There are few conditions for applying for a visa. The original passport needs to have a minimum valid period of about five to six months even after entry to Ethiopia. The extension for the tourist visa is available at immigration centers in Ethiopia.
The visas like the work visa, business visa, etc. are not available online. The passengers who need these visas must go to the embassy of Ethiopia in their own countries.

Places to visit:

There are many places in Ethiopia that are famous to visit. We are going to see the topmost attractive places in Ethiopia. The Lalibela is Ethiopia’s beating heart. The place involves a lot of spirituality. The next is the National park of Simien Mountain. You will get the experience of the best view of nature and a wide range of wildlife species. The next is depression Danakil is the place for volcanic eruptions. It is also considered one of the hottest places in the whole world. In valley Omo, you will get to know about eight communities of tribal people. The national park of Bale has waterfalls and a mountain range with a beautiful view.  The Gheralta Mountains are the next with cliffs of sandstone. It is also a must-visit place. The trekking community is also very famous here. The rift valley has many beautiful lakes flowing around. The spiritual centers in Ethiopia include the Gonder, Axum, Harar, and Bahir Dar. These are the beautiful sightseeing places in Ethiopia. Every tourist must visit these places without missing them.



Every place has its traditions, cultures, and lifestyles. So when we visit other countries we need to follow the same in order to show respect. You can wear clothes that are above knee length and don’t wear any sleeveless. Make the travel plan according to the number of days of stay and follow them. Have the hotels booked before arriving in Ethiopia. So that you do not go in search of hotels for a stay. So get your Ethiopia Visa from Tourist Visa Online and enjoy the beauty of the nation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to change your currency to Ethiopian Birr at the money exchange centers. The main cities have the option of paying through cards. But in the village areas, you cannot use the cards for payments as they don’t have much facility.  In the main cities like Addis, there are ATM’s available you can draw cask in that as per your needs and use them for payments. Just know that the limit allowed is four thousand Birr which is approximately equal to a hundred and twenty (120) dollars. 

The answer is no. you cannot use the other country SIM cards here. As there are no network providers of other countries. The only network used in mobile is the Ethio telecom services. So you need to get the Ethiopian SIM card and use them. This process is getting SIM is a tedious process. If you have a guide along with you they can make the work easy. The SIM granted by providing few details. But other than that all the hotels provide internet access to customers. The SIM may cost about two dollars. 

Yes, there is no restriction for taking photos in Ethiopia. The places in Ethiopia are very beautiful you can’t resist taking photographs. Try using the best camera for capturing the lively moments for your memory. Normal cameras do not need permission. The cameras that are professional need to get permission for using them. So before bringing them to Ethiopia have a glance at the guidelines for using cameras and act accordingly.

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