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Ethiopia is a place of ancient culture and it has a rich history. As we all know that the historians will definitely love this place but it is also a very famous place for the students who want to pursue their higher education or any person who want to excel in their career. We all know that there are many famous like the Danakil depression, Blue Nile falls and lake Tana’s beautiful churches. There is one advantage while traveling to Ethiopia. Ethiopia gives the opportunity to opt for any kind of visa a person wants. There are different kinds Visas like the G visas and then the J1 visa and there are tourist visas, business visas, journalist visas, investment visas and so on. You will be Helped by tourist visa online about which type of visa is apt for you and we will also inform you about the processes and the eligibility and also the processing time and what are the required documents that are needed while applying for each kind of visa. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the J1 visa to Ethiopia.


J1 visa of Ethiopia is actually meant for the students who are planning to go for higher studies to Ethiopia and also wish to take part in the work and study based programs Another visitor programs that will be held in Ethiopia itself. These programs are mainly sponsored by the non profit institutions or any other educational institutions who are attached to the above courses. J1 visa is for those students you don’t get the opportunity to practical learning in their home country so they can come to Ethiopia if they apply for J1 visa. The training should be related directly to their academic programs. 

J1 visa has different programs and one should choose his or her program accordingly.


Required Documents that are needed for applying a J1 VISA ETHIOPIA:

  • Passport that should have the validity period of at least six months. If any family members are travelling, then they are also required to carry a passport that should have the validity for at least six months. 
  • You should also keep with yourself the copies of the visa application fee receipt. Wherever you are applying online for the visa, you need to pay the fees via credit card or debit card. That proof must be present with you.
  • Passport Sized photographs are a must and you need to even upload that photo if you are applying online. Make sure your photo has 80% face coverage. 
  • Original Bachelor’s degree or a high school degree or the highest education achieved by you certificate must be present with you. 
  • You should also carry with you original appointment letter  from the institution or the organization you will be coming from. 
  • You should also know about your family ties because for this J1 visa you need Have the evidence of your family employment and you will also be asked whether you will be returning to your home country after your program or you will be continuing with your career in Ethiopia itself. 
  • Moreover, the most important thing is you should be aware of your financial stability and you should be financially stable and aware to send you to Ethiopia for your higher studies. You should also see to it that you are able to cover all your cost of the travel as well and also for the application of the visa. For this you need to have the proof of your bank statements and slips. If in any case your family member is helping you financially for your studies in Ethiopia you should obviously bring that document as well as evidence. 


Processing Time and Fees required to pay for the visa

The Processing time of the visa is nearly 6 to eight days. But if you are applying for the visa in the embassy then it will take 3 to seven days for issuance of the visa. For you is the J one visa is $160 USD.           A student when is applying for this J1 visa should definitely find for a sponsor for his better So that he or she can get into his or her own choice of academic program without any kind of hassle. If a student is applying for this J1 visa on offline that is via the embassy or consulate, then he or she should have the approval from the consulate official. 

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