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Ethiopians and Lebanese have a variety of common religious and cultural traditions such as Christianity and Arabic. The two nations share close political and economic ties and there are a large number of Lebanese students in Ethiopia, fostering a sense of prosperity and well-being.

However, Lebanese nationals can visit Ethiopia without a visa for between 3 weeks and 6 months and do not require a passport, only an identification card,d,  and a return ticket, or a travel document for this purpose. Having a valid passport, however, is strongly encouraged. It is an article we will discuss how Lebanese citizens can visit Ethiopia in a short brief.

What are the requirements for Lebanese citizens to visit Ethiopia? 

Visiting Ethiopia has become a dream for many Lebanese. Tourism is a booming sector in Ethiopia and has been for a while. The country has a lot to offer, from historical sights to natural wonders, and the government is trying to develop its tourism sector. Visiting Ethiopia is not as simple as it seems though. Visas are required for all visitors to Ethiopia, and the visa application process is often difficult. Visas for Ethiopians are much easier though.

Moreover, according to official guidance, the following documentation will be required for your visa application:

  • Original valid passport for 6 months from the date of travel with your old passport.
  • Submit the copy of the filled Visa application form
  • Proof of application payment
  • Two passport photographs, size A2 size at the maximum and resolution of 700 pixels
  • Two certified letters, also certified copies of your academic transcripts (maximum two per letter)
  • Cover letter from applicant home organization in the country.
  • proof of foreign work experience.
  • Copy of return air ticket
  • Cover letter from applicant home organization in the home country.
  • Proof of Yellow fever vaccination certification

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How long can Lebanese citizens stay in Ethiopia without a visa? 

With the new changes taking place in Lebanon, it is important to know how long can Lebanese citizens stay in Ethiopia without a visa. This new update came out in the year 2015.

From this year, Lebanese citizens have the opportunity of staying in Ethiopia for 3 months without a visa. This is not only good for people who travel often to Ethiopia, but also for tourists who are planning on traveling to Ethiopia for the first time.

This news is great for tourists who are planning on visiting Ethiopia for the first time, as it is more convenient for them, as they Salcantay there longer. The visa is free of charge, but it is needed for anyone who wants to stay in Ethiopia for more than 3 months.

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How much does it cost to enter Ethiopia without a visa?

Many Lebanese are interested in visiting Ethiopia. Many of them are not aware just of how easy it is to enter Ethiopia. There are visa requirements for Lebanese citizens, all they have to do is purchase a visa on arrival just like any other destination. The visa policy of Ethiopia is not much different from other countries in East Africa. They issue visas on arrival for citizens of many countries, but not for Lebanese.

To apply for an Ethiopia online visa application, you have to pay the co of a visa that will vary based on the place to which you will be traveling. For the individual visitors, you will get a  30 days tourist visa for 30 days visa validity, and you will only have to pay 77  USD  for the visa application.

In this type of visa, you will also get an individual entry with 30 days to stay valid and you will get your visa after 5-7  days of processing time.

And e Lebanese citizens who are traveling to Ethiopia, it is both important and necessary that they know the visa policy of Ethiopia. As part of the visa policy, the Ethiopian government has the right to set the amount of money that you must pay before entering the country.

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Lebanon and Ethiopia have a good relationship, and their citizens get to visit each other without a visa.

The new Ethiopian visa system is a very good and convenient way for people to visit this nation.

However, it can’t be compared with the favorable visa policy of many other African nations, such as Niger, which provides visa-free arrival for Lebanese citizens for 90 days.

You can also take a guide to help you during the visa application process. for Ethiopia.

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