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As every country celebrates every festival in their way. Even Ethiopia has its important festival according to the calendar of Ethiopia. It’s named the Timkat festival. The tourists from different countries would love to visit Ethiopia at the time of this festival. The festival happens for (3) three days. It means the Jesus Christ of baptism mark. They do dancing, singing, and processions. The tourists who visit Ethiopia will get to know the tradition and culture of Ethiopian festivals. It is the festival of orthodox Christians. It happens only during the time of January every year and in the month of January between the 19th or 20th dates. They do this in front of a different pool that’s sacred. The main places are Gondar, Addis Ababa, and Lalibela. Every year during the times of festivals the hotels for the stay are almost booked well in advance.  We will know further details in the upcoming topics. We will know about the Timkat festival in Ethiopia, how to reach the Timkat festival in Ethiopia, etc.

When is the Timkat festival in Ethiopia and how is it celebrated?

Generally, this festival takes place in Ethiopia. It is known as the second-highest celebrated festival in Ethiopia. It happens in the month of January every year. If it is a leap year it takes place on the 20th or if it is a normal year it takes place on the 19th. The festival is for (3) three days. It happens full of events and rituals. The 11th day of the Terr is the date corresponding to the 19th or 20th of January. The temperature during this time is warm and pleasant and not with much rainfall. According to Ethiopian culture, they celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January every year.  
It’s celebrated in a very grand manner. They will get their blessings from the sacred waters. By this, they get the reaffirmation of baptism vows. The most followed religion in Ethiopia is Christianity. In that, almost about forty-three (43) percent of people are orthodox Baptist Christians. 


First day of celebration

First-day preparations and celebrations are the topics. On the 18th of January, the preparation for the festival begins. The Ark of Covenant models is brought to churches and covered with silk clothing. The procession starts at the river conducted by the senior-most priest. On their heads, they carry the talbots. Where 10 of the commandments are written and given to Moses at Mount Sinai by the god himself.

The second-day celebration 

The second-day celebration is the most important. During the time of 7 am in the morning the people start gathering. They cover their head with a scarf-like thing and wear white clothes on this occasion. They go into the water and they will renew the baptism vows made. After this process, they get to enjoy the foo feast along with families and friends. They eat the big plain flatbread along with varieties of vegetables and meat. The spiced chicken dish of Ethiopia is the main dish of Timkat. 


The third day celebration

The third day of the festival is the final day of the Timkat festival. Here the tabots that are merged in water are taken out. Then they carry the talbots back to churches. The process for taking back is also the same as the bringing process.

Places where Timkat festival happen:

The first place is Addis Ababa. It’s known to be the capital city of Ethiopia. The church was the area where a procession takes place is the Medhane Alem Cathedral church. It is one of the largest churches in Addis Ababa. 
The next is the Gondar city and one among the ancients also. There are many castles, palaces, and baths built by the royals. The bath built by the royals is the place where the Timkat takes place. From Addis to Gondar it takes only 1 hour of flight travel. 
Lalibela is the next place. It’s considered as the most prominent city that is religious. There are many famous churches present here. It takes the same timing for reaching Lalibela from Addis that is 1 hour by air transport. 



The passengers who visit Ethiopia during these festivals do follow their traditions and culture. You can apply for an Ethiopian visa well in advance. Even the booking for the stay does it in advance as many visitors will visit this place during this peak period. Have good clothing that keeps you warm in the evening and light in the morning. As there will be temperature differences a lot from morning to evening.

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