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Ethiopia Visa for Syria Passport Holders can be obtained by visiting Ethiopia’s Embassy in Syria. If you go by this process then you may requires a significant amount of money and time to get your visa done. But if you opt for E-visa for Ethiopia, you can have your Electronic visa or E-Visa delivered to your home without any hassle. Ethiopia Government has facilitated the E-Visa service for the Syrian passport holder so they can get their visa at the easiest. 

Ethiopia Visa requirements for Syria Passport Holders

1. E-Mail ID:

2. A valid E-Mail address of the Syria passport holder.

3. Passport:

  • A valid passport of the Syria national.
  • A scanned copy of the First and the Last page of the Syria passport.
  • Passport of the Syria citizen must have six months validity.

4. Photograph:

  • Syrian passport must have 2 blank pages.
  • The photo of the Syrian citizen must be of the size 35*45 mm with white background and not be older than three months.
  • A passport size photograph of the Syrian citizen.

5. Air tickets and other Documents:

  • Syria citizen should have confirmed ticket of Arrival and Departure.
  • A valid Credit card or Debit card of the Syria national that is applicable in Ethiopia.
  • Syria National must have to avoid security restrictions at the airport.
  • Health insurance coverage of the Syria Passport holder.
  • Syrian passport holder must have a certificate of the vaccinations received (For ex.- Yellow vaccine).

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Types of Ethiopia Visa for Syria Passport Holders

Tourist visa:

Syrian citizens who want to spend their vacation in Ethiopia can apply for a tourist visa. Syrian citizens along with their friends and family can go to Ethiopia to enjoy the beauty of the country.

Business visa:

Syrian passport holders can apply for Business if they have secured a job post in the Ethiopia based company, for this they need an invitation letter from the Ethiopian company.  Syrian business professionals can also apply for a business visa if they want to expand their business in Ethiopia by spending their money to setup an industry.

Transit Visa:

Syrian citizens can apply for a transit visa if Ethiopia comes as an intermediate airport while traveling between two countries.

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Q. Is it necessary to get Ethiopia Visa for Syria Passport Holders?

Yes, Syrian citizen needs to get the visa approved to travel in Ethiopia for various purposes such as tourism, business, work, and employment.

Q. Syria Passport Holders Can get their tourist visa extended?

No, there is no extension policy for the tourist visa however Syrian citizens can get their business visa extended by visiting the nearby embassy in the Ethiopia. 

Q. What is the Ethiopia Visa fee for Syria Passport Holders?

  1. For 30 day Single entry tourist visa for Syria Passport Holders fee is 77 USD.
  2. For 90 days single entry tourist visa for Syria Passport Holders fee is 97 USD.

Q. What is the validity of the transit visa of Ethiopia for Syria national?

Usually, Transit visa has the validity of 12 hours up on arrival in the Ethiopia.

Q. What is more convenient Ethiopia E-visa or visa on arrival for Syria citizens?

It is generally recommended to apply for an E-visa to get their visa in advance before reaching Ethiopia because for a visa on arrival you have to stand in the long queue after the flight lands to get your visa in hand. So, Syrian people prefer for E-visa instead of a Visa on Arrival for traveling in Ethiopia.

Q. Is it necessary to get Ethiopia visa for children of Syria?

Yes, visa is necessary for the children to get entry in Ethiopia, for the child’s birth certificate will be needed along with the parent’s passport.

Q. What is the standard processing time for the Ethiopia visa?

The standard processing time is four to five business day for Ethiopia visa.

Q. Is it mandatory for the Syrian citizen to get their trip pre book for Ethiopia?

No, it is not mandatory to pre book the itinerary but it is recommended to get you tour booked, so as to make your Ethiopia trip smooth and hassle free. 

Q. What are must visit places in Ethiopia?

  1. Addis Mercato
  2. Holy Trinity Cathedral.
  3. National Museum of Ethiopia
  4. Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum
  5. Mount Entoto

Q. How much does it takes for Ethiopia Visa for Syria Passport Holders to get approved?

Normally, Ethiopia Visa for Syria Passport Holders gets approved in five to seven business days. It is recommended for the Syrian applicant to check the form twice before submission so that if there is any typing error or mistake in the form that can be corrected to avoid rejection of the visa application form.

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