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A Country with Fascinating History, Most Diverse and Tasty Food, ColorFul Festivals, Friendly People makes it a perfect Destination to Visit. It also has one of the Fastest Growing Economy in the World. Do you love Coffee? You will be surprised to know Coffee was Originated From Here. If you are planning to visit Ethiopia then you must be thinking about Ethiopia Visa Policy. Do you have a lot of Queries regarding the Ethiopia Visa? Then this article will be beneficial as we will give answers to all of your questions. We will talk about Visa Policies, Fees, Ethiopia Visa for Indians, and a lot more.

Ethiopian Tourist Visa

Ethiopia Tourist Visa is an electronic travel authorization. Ethiopia Tourist Visa was launched by the government in 2017 for the Welfare of Everyone. The main aim was to reduce the Time to obtain the Visa. Because of this, now it is very easy to avail of the Tourist e-Visa. To get the Visa you just need to fill the online application form which only a few minutes.

Applicants just need to give their Basic Personal Details, Travel Details, and Health Information.

Ethiopia Visa Requirements

People wishing to visit Ethiopia must obtain an Ethiopia Tourist e-Visa.  Now, there are different rules and policies for Different Countries. Some country people may get Visa-On-Arrival in some cases you have to apply for Visa BeforeHand. The Following Documents are mandatory to apply for e-Visa:

  • Passport Size Photo(Recent One)
  • Passport Bio Page(Valid For Atleast 6 Months)
  • Your Passport must have at least 2 Blank Pages Left.
  • Debit or Credit Card(For Payment)
  • Copy of return air ticket.

You can apply for Ethiopia e-Visa either for 30 Days or 90 Days. Most Importantly, The Validity of the Passport Starts from the Date of Arrival.

Visitors with e-Visa must enter Ethiopia via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. One cannot enter Ethiopia through any other Port. If you do so, strict legal actions would be taken against you.

Processing Time And Safety

The Ethiopia e-Visa normally takes 24 Hours to be Processed. In some rare cases, it might take 3 Days but, not more than that. All the process is very safe and quick. The e-Visa is mailed in your Given Email Id. For convenience apply the e-Visa at least 7 days before your trip to avoid the mess.

Vaccination Requirements

Some citizens of the Country may need to Provide certificates of vaccinations that you have received. Also, it depends on which countries you previously have Visited. Although, it does not apply for EveryOne.

Visa Exemption

Citizens of these two countries do not need to apply for any visa. The Two Countries are:

  • Djibouti
  • Kenya

The Citizens of Djibouti can enter Ethiopia only for 3 Months. On the other hand, the citizens of Kenya can visit Ethiopia for 1 Year.

Visa-On-Arrival Countries

Citizens of these 92 Countries can get their Tourist e-Visa on Arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The 92 Countries are as follows:

Algeria Angola Argentina Australia
Austria Belgium Benin Botswana
Brazil Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon
Canada Cape Verde The central African Republic Chad
China Comoros Congo DR Congo
Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Eswatini Finland France
Gabon The Gambia Germany Ghana
Guinea Guinea-Bissau Greece Hong Kong
India Ireland Israel Italy
Ivory Coast Japan Kuwait Lesotho
Liberia Libya Luxembourg Macau
Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania
Mauritius Mexico Morocco (IATA Timatic does not confirm VOA) Mozambique
Namibia Netherlands New Zealand Niger
Nigeria North Korea Norway Poland
Portugal Russia Rwanda  São Tomé and Príncipe
Seychelles Senegal Slovakia Somalia (IATA Timatic does not confirm VOA)
South Africa South Korea South Sudan Sudan
Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Tanzania Thailand Togo Tunisia
Uganda United Kingdom United States Western Sahara
Zambia Zimbabwe    

Ethiopia Transit Visa

Ethiopia Transit Visa can also be applied. It is required by the Transit Passengers who want to leave the Airport for any length of time between flights. It is available for 12,24,48 or 72 hours.

Ethiopia Visa For Indians

Now, Indian Citizens might have this Question in Mind:

Do Indians need Visa to visit Ethiopia?

The Answer is Yes. Indian citizens might apply for Tourist Visa Online beforehand to visit Ethiopia. Also, you need to note that your Single-Entry Visa will expire once you leave Ethiopia. If you wish to visit Ethiopia again then you must apply for Visa again.

Although one can apply for Multiple entry visas who wish to travel and enter Ethiopia more than once. But, for this, you need to contact the Embassy of Ethiopia. If you are transiting through Ethiopia without leaving the airport between flights, then no Transit Visa is required. Visa Requirements are the same mentioned above in the Ethiopia Visa Requirements.

Ethiopia e-Visa Fees

$52 is the e-Visa Fees for 30 Day Visit and $72 for a 90 Day Visit. One must pay the Above Amount while for the Application only through Debit or Credit Card. Once the payment is made and all the Documents are verified the Visa is mailed to your Registered Email id in 1 or 3 Days.

I am Still Confused

Now, it is clear that to apply for Visa it will take a lot of your time and the process is a little complicated. Even if you give all your time you don’t need to get the Visa right? Don’t worry I have a solution for you. 

Visit and get your Tourist e-Visa as quickly as possible.  The Team will guide you through all the process and will answer all your questions. You will get 24x7 Customer Support. Also, you will be able to Track Visa Status Online. Most Importantly you will save a lot of Money and Time at the same time. No need to visit the embassy or consulates! Touristvisaonline guarantees 100% Secure Payment so, you don't need to worry about anything. Just sit back and Relax! Let them do all the Hard Work.


  • What is the Validity of the Ethiopian Tourist e-Visa?

Ans: The Validity of the Ethiopian Tourist e-Visa is 30 Days and 90 Days. You can select either 30 Day or 90 Day according to your choice when Filling the Online Application Form. The validity of the Visa starts from your Date of Arrival.

  • Do Indians Require Ethiopian e-Visa to visit Ethiopia?

Ans: Yes, Indians do require Tourist e-Visa to visit Ethiopia which they need to apply Beforehand. They can apply for 30 Day Visa or 90 Day Visa. If you are transiting through Ethiopia without leaving the airport between flights, then no Transit Visa is required.

  • What are Mandatory Visa Requirements?

Ans: The Mandatory Visa Requirements are:

  1. Passport Size Photo(Recent One)
  2. Passport Bio Page(Valid For Atleast 6 Months)
  3. Your Passport must have at least 2 Blank Pages Left.
  4. Debit or Credit Card(For Payment)
  5. Copy of return air ticket.
  • What is the Processing Time of e-Visa?

Ans: The Processing Time of e-Visa is usually 24 Hours to 3 Days.

  • How to apply for e-Visa Extension when the visa has not expired?

Ans: Anyone can extend the Visa by going to the Head Office of The Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs in Addis Ababa.

  • What is the Processing fees for Tourist e-Visa?

Ans: $52 is the e-Visa Fees for 30 Day Visit and $72 for a 90 Day Visit.

  • Can One apply for Ethiopia Transit Visa?

Ans: It is required by the Transit Passengers who want to leave the Airport for any length of time between flights. It is available for 12,24,48 or 72 hours.

  • Which are Ethiopia Visa Free Countries?

Ans: Citizens of Djibouti(3 Months) and Kenya(One Year) are not required to apply for Visa.

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