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Foreigners who are planning to marry Ethiopian citizen or the Ethiopian citizen who wants to marry foreigner needs to follow certain procedures to stay with their spouse. A marriage visa for Ethiopia is the visa obtained by the foreign spouse for Ethiopia to live with the person who is an Ethiopian citizen and then obtain permanent residency to stay in the country.

Marriage visa laws and policies from country to country. The Ethiopian government has imposed many laws, restrictions, rules, and regulations for an Ethiopian citizen who is married to a foreigner and wants to move to another country with their spouse. If any foreigner wants to immigrate to Ethiopia with the spouse, then the spouse has to apply for a sponsorship application. If they want to visit the country then they can also apply for a visitor visa and then they can follow all the procedures to obtain a marriage visa.

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To obtain a marriage visa your Ethiopian spouse have to full fill the required criteria:

  • Citizen of Ethiopia
  • Should be the child of Ethiopian parents
  • Age requirement

Marriage visa process

The marriage visa process for Ethiopia includes many processes, which are:

  • Applicants can apply for their Ethiopian marriage visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.
  • Fill and submit your Ethiopian marriage visa application form with no mistakes.
  • It is necessary to submit all the photocopy and original Documents which are important and need to be submitted.
  • The fee for an Ethiopian marriage visa is depended on the officials.
  • The processing time for an Ethiopian marriage visa from the embassy is 2 weeks. It may delay sometimes.
  • Their Ethiopian marriage visa will be sent through the mail.

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Ethiopian Marriage visa online process :

  • The application form for an Ethiopian marriage visa is available on the official government website.
  • The applicants are required to fill the marriage visa for Ethiopia to obtain Visa.
  • Applicants should scan and upload all the required documents attach them with the marriage application form. They are required to upload a digital copy.
  • Applicants are required to submit the service request application form.
  • After submitting the request form, a unique tracking number and information about the service provider branch will be given to applicants through email.
  • With a unique tracking number, applicants can check the status of the application.
  • The authority or official person may contact the applicant to know more and for more information.
  • The authority may schedule an interview or appointment with the applicant.
  • Applicant can select their comfortable time for the interview.
  • After the appointment reservation, applicants must reach 10 minutes earlier to attend the meeting.
  • If the request for a marriage visa will be approved, the applicant can obtain their marriage visa and visit the country.

*For further detailed information on the procedure, applicants can contact the nearby Ethiopian embassy.

Ethiopian Marriage Visa Document  Requirements

There are some important documents that applicants must have in Foreigner who is willing to stay in Ethiopia with their spouse must fulfill certain requirements and documents:

  • Two filled application forms for a marriage visa with accurate information.
  • Passport size photo of the applicant. The photo should have light or white background with no glasses and hats.
  • Valid and original passport of the spouse(Husband/Wife) of Ethiopia.
  • Applicant passport
  • Travel document
  • Written approval of the spouse living in Ethiopia.
  • Original and two copies of the Ethiopian Identity card of the spouse
  • Original and two copies of civil marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Financial documents

Time Validity:  the validity to stay in Ethiopia with a marriage visa is 3 years. You can apply for your marriage visa extension

Processing time: It depends on the authority but generally you will receive your Ethiopian marriage visa between 3 weeks to 3 months. Shifting to Ethiopia with your spouse with a marriage visa may take some of your time. But, if your spouse is a citizen of Ethiopia then it will be easy to move.

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The Ethiopian government allows foreigners who immigrate to Ethiopia to stay with the partner. Even, if an Ethiopian citizen wants to migrate to another country with his or her spouse should fulfill and complete some process. A marriage visa for Ethiopia can be obtained and both husband and wife can stay together in Ethiopia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They may have rejected your marriage visa because you didn't fulfill important criteria which can be financial status, didn't attach a proper marriage certificate and you are not eligible to apply for a marriage visa.

There are strict rules and restrictions for a foreigner to marry a person from Ethiopia. Because generally, they move out to live with their spouse. To avoid migration to another country they impose strict rules.

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