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The Old World Country

Humans have existed in the region around Ethiopia since prehistoric times which makes it one of the oldest country in Africa. It is often said humans who lived in Ethiopia were the ones who migrated to the Middle Eastern world to establish human settlement in the region. Correspondingly, Ethiopia is the second most populated country of the African Continent. Yet another historical aspect of the country is its state of independence that has existed throughout its history. Apart from a brief occupation by Italy during the second world war, Ethiopia has never been colonised. In this article, we have listed out everything you need to know about Ethiopia. So read and find out. 
The country also has a distinctive culture that has been influenced from multiple sources. All three major Abrahamic Religions have impacted everyday life in Ethiopia from time to time. The country has its own set of standards for measuring time which means there is local design for calendars as well as unique way of distributing hours in the day. The Ethiopian Day starts at 6:00 instead of 00:00 that coincides with sunrise perennially. The cuisine of the country consists of various thick meat dishes served with vegetable sides. It is common in the country to eat from a common dish placed in the middle of the table. 
Geographically, the major part of Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa which is at the easternmost part of the African Continent. It is generally considered to be an ecologically diverse country as it has deserts along the eastern border to tropical forest in the south and multiple lakes all across the country. The country is also rich in terms of biodiversity with 31 endemic species of mammals.
The landscapes in Ethiopia vary as one moves from one part of the country to the other. The extent of variation often surprises the explorer as the country contains waterfalls as well as volcanic hot springs. Some of the highest and the lowest points in Africa are located within Africa. Ethiopia is known as the place where the coffee bean originated and as a top producer of coffee in Africa. As with any other African nation, the climate of the country is tropical monsoon, with the highlands being cooler than areas close to the equator. The capital city of Addis Ababa is located in the foothills of Mount Entoto and has good climate throughout the year. The climate of the lowlands, on the other side, is relatively very dry and warmer. The Ethiopian town of Dallol records the highest average temperature in the world. From a biodiversity perspective, around the multiple rivers and lakes of the country, there are numerous biomes in which several endemic species of plants and animals reside. 


Capital City of Addis Ababa

The capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, which means the ‘new flower’ in the Amharic language, is the largest city in Ethiopia with a population of about 2.7 million. It is an important political centre not just for Ethiopia but also for the rest of the continent, hosting the headquarters of critical organizations like the African Union and the Organization of African Unity. Thus, it is also referred to as the political capital of Africa owing to its diplomatic significance. The location of the city is almost in the middle of the country.
The Addis Ababa Bola International Airport is located in the Bole district of the city. Previously known as Haile Selassie I International Airport, after the Emperor of Ethiopia who had been a defining figure in the history of the country. The Airport is also the home to the flag carrying airlines of the nation, Ethiopian Airlines that connects the country to the rest of Africa as well as Asia, Europe, North America and South America while also being the base of the Aviation Academy. In terms of traffic, about 450 flights per day were departing from and arriving at this airport. 
Addis Ababa Bole International Airport was constructed to serve the increasing needs of the aircrafts that arrived in Ethiopia. Though it has been operational since 1962, several expansion projects have been implemented in order to enhance the usability of the airport.


Languages in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the land of about 90 different regional languages the most popular of which is the Oromo language spoken by about a third of the population. Along with Somali, Amharic, and Tigrinya, these four make up for three fourths of the Ethiopian population. There are several Afro-asiatic languages that are prevalent in the country in a minority. Various regions and cities have been free to determine their own functional languages but Amharic is recognized as the official language for several regions.   


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