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Eritrea is an African country that shares borders with Ethiopia. Every person or traveler who wants to travel from Eritrea to Ethiopia needs to obtain a visa. The Ethiopian government has set some rules for every foreigner who is entering the country. Some countries have the freedom to visit without a visa. Some are restricted to apply it only from the Ethiopian embassy. Some countries can apply for Ethiopian visas on arrival and Ethiopian visa online

Ethiopian visa for Eritreans can be obtained by both visas on arrival and online. It depends on the tourist or the traveler to apply for an Ethiopian visa online or an Ethiopian visa on arrival. Eritrean citizens can enter the country for tourist purposes and short-term visits on these visas. If any person from Eritrea wants to work or invest in Ethiopia then they will have to obtain a work permit.


Ethiopian visa on arrival for Eritreans

Ethiopian visa for Eritreans can be obtained at the airport. If the tourist is applying for an Ethiopian visa after landing at the airport then they should have enough time and funds. The  Ethiopia visa on arrival for Eritreans is the official document provided only at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in Ethiopia. 

Validity: The Ethiopian visa on arrival for Eritrea citizens is valid for up to 90 days and it should be extended if the tourist is staying beyond the validity period. Eritrean citizens can only use the Visa on arrival for one time to enter Ethiopia.

What are the steps to apply for an Ethiopian visa at the airport for Eritreans?

Anyone who is applying for an Ethiopian visa on arrival must complete and submit the application form at the immigration points. Eritrean citizens have to stand in line and pay the Visa fees. After processing and going through all the documents the Ethiopian visa for Eritrean citizens will be provided by the authority.

Documents: Eritrean citizens should carry their valid passport, passport size photo, filled Ethiopian visa application form, and Visa fee.  

Ethiopian e-Visa for Eritreans

The Ethiopian visa rules state that tourists or visitors can apply for Ethiopian visa and obtain their visas online. Ethiopian e-Visa for Eritreans is the document or permission granted to the citizen of Eritrea to visit and travel the country for a short duration. Obtaining an Ethiopian visa online is much easier than obtaining it at the airport for Eritreans.  Ethiopian e-Visa obtained by Eritreans also provides a single entry-like visa on arrival. Ethiopian e-Visa for Eritrean tourists permit them to stay and travel in the country for 30 days.


What are the steps to apply for Ethiopian e-Visa for Eritreans?

Eritreans can apply for Ethiopian e-Visa by visiting the website Tourist Visa Online. Travelers or tourists who  Eritrean passports can apply in  simpler steps:

1) Eritrean citizens should fill the visa application form available at Tourist Visa Online. Eritreans can securely obtain visa, and it's a fast process.

2) Submitting the file and if they want to add more applicants information, then they can click on add applicants. Attach the required documents and click on submit button ✅.

3) Eritreans to obtain a visa Online for Ethiopia should pay the fee.

4) Eritreans will receive mail on their Email ID after the approval. They can download and take the printout of the electronic visa for Ethiopia. They should keep three to four copies with them.


The documents Eritrean citizens must have to enter Ethiopia and apply for a visa are:

  • Eritrean passport- A invalid passport will not be considered and a visa to Ethiopia will be rejected. Passport should fulfill all the basic requirements.          
  • Photograph- A photo of the applicant, a scanned digital image should be attached while applying for an Ethiopian visa online
  • Travel details and Itinerary - Eritreans should have booked hotel rooms in advance to travel to Ethiopia. 
  • Funds and money- Eritreans visiting Ethiopia should have enough money with them to live in Ethiopia.
  •  Returns Tickets to Eritrea. 

The Ethiopian e-Visa fee for Eritreans is 120.0 USD. The Ethiopian online visa for Eritreans will be processed between 5 to 7 days.



Ethiopian visa for Eritreans are available and can be acquired on arrival. But, applying for an Ethiopian visa online is the better option.

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