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Ethiopia Visa can be availed online within Few Minutes. Filling the Ethiopia Visa Application Form is the first step to get your Ethiopian Visa. Ethiopia Visa is necessary and without it is impossible to visit Ethiopia. Are you facing problems while Filling the Online Ethiopia Visa Application Form? Don’t worry we got your back. We will tell you everything necessary to help you fill your Online Application Form. You will get your Ethiopia Visa Online easily after reading this article.


  1. What is Ethiopia Application Form?
  2. Does everyone need to fill Application Form?
  3. Why Ethiopia Online Application is Necessary Requirement for Getting Visa?
  4. How to get your Ethiopia Visa Online?
  5. What Things You Need To Mention In Online Application Form

We will Discuss more then what is mentioned above and give you the Complete Guide.

What is Ethiopia Online Application Form?

If you want Ethiopian Visa then you need to fill an Online Application Form. Previously Visa Application Process was Offline and people had to visit Different Offices to get their Visa. To simply the Process Government introduced Ethiopian Visa Service. Everything was made Online and now people can apply and get Visa Online. Now, you just have to fill the Online Application Form and you will get your Ethiopia e-Visa. No need to visit an embassy or consulate. Ethiopian e-Visa is an Electronic Travel Authorization and it compulsory to avail visas to visit Ethiopia.

What Things You Need To Mention In Online Application Form

  • Personal Details(Full name, date of birth and street address)
  • Passport Details
  • Security-Related Details
  • Health Details
  • Email Id
  • Information about their trip

Filling The Online Application Form

Filling Online Application Form is easy to Fill. It will only take a few minutes. It is advised that you fill all the information as accurately as possible. After filling all the Details recheck it once. If you fill any wrong Details your Application will not be Processed Further. Your Application will be Denied. Specially Passport Details should be filled properly. After Verification of your Form, you will receive it via Email.

You also need to comply with the Ethiopia Visa Document Requirements then only your application will be processed. You need to have a Passport which is valid for at least 6 months. Your visa should also have 2 Blank Pages. The validity of your Ethiopian Visa starts from the Date Of Arrival. Don’t keep any Section Incomplete. Provide all the Information asked correctly. After filling all the details you need to make your Visa Payment through Debit or Credit Card.

Processing Time

After filling the Online Application Form Accurately it is verified by the Ethiopian authorities. If you have Fulfilled Passport and Visa Requirements and other details properly your application has the higher chances to be Processed. In most of the Cases, the Applications are Processed and approved within 24 hours. In some rare cases, it might even take up to 72 hours. To minimize the Time or any of Delay fill all the Details Correctly. ProofRead it once and then only submit the Application. 

Does everyone need to fill Application Form?

Yes, everyone needs to fill the Online Application Form. Without filling the Online Application Form you won’t be able to get your Visa. As said earlier, without Ethiopian Visa you cannot travel to Ethiopia. Only Kenya and Djibouti Nationals don’t need Visa. 

Types Of Ethiopia Visa One Can Apply

There are 2 Kinds of Ethiopian Visa:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business

Tourist Visa: Ethiopia Tourist Visa is for people who are visiting Ethiopia for any Non-Business Purpose. You can get a Single Entry 30 Day Visa or Single Entry 90 Day Visa.

Business Visa: Ethiopia Business Visa is for those people who want to visit Ethiopia for Business-Related Purpose. Anyone visiting Ethiopia who wants to set up a business or wants to work for any Company which is in Ethiopia or work for the Ethiopian Government needs to avail of this Visa. There 9 Different types of Business Visa depending upon your Purpose of Arrival.

  1. Ethiopian Government Employment Visa- GV
  2. Foreign Business Firm Employment Visa- WV
  3. Ethiopian Private Business Firm Work Visa- PE
  4. Journalist Visa- JV
  5. International Organizations/Embassies Work Visa- RI
  6. Investment Visa- IV
  7. Ethiopian Government Institutions Short Task Visa- GIV
  8. Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO) Work Visa- NV
  9. Conference Visa- CV

Famous Places In Ethiopia

  • Blue Nile Falls: Blue Nile Falls is a must-visit place if you are visiting Ethiopia. It is located on the Blue Nile river. This place is also known as "great smoke" and you will understand why it has got this name after visiting it. Different coloured birds to Beautiful RainBow this place will make your Day!
  • Simien Mountains: Simien Mountains will give you chills and you will get to see breath-taking views on a landscape. It is also home to rare animals like the Gelada baboon, Walia ibex, and Ethiopian wolf. It is located in Northern Ethiopia.
  • The Holy City of Harar: Harar is a city in Northeast Ethiopia near the border with Somalia. It is the Home of 100 Mosques. Also, the city is 7000 Years Old and was built to protect the city against religious invaders. The people are also friendly.
  • Aksum: Aksum is one of the oldest cities in all of Africa. It is located in Northern Ethiopia. It has a Rich History and you will feel that you have been Transported in the Past. It is believed to be the home of the Queen of Sheba.
  • Gondar: Gondar is a city in northern Ethiopia. It is famous for walled Fasil Ghebbi fortress and palace compound. There are Beautiful Churches, Castle and holy places in Gondar that you cannot miss.

Smart Way To Get Ethiopia Visa Online

The Online Application Form is a little bit complex and might be having trouble in filling the Form or to get the Visa. You can visit where you will meet the most Experienced People in this Visa Field. All the Documents are Simplified for you and you also get 24x7 Customer Support. With Tourist Visa Online you can track your visa online and also get Visa in less than 48 hours. Tourist Visa Online Guarantees that you will get your Visa Easily.


1) Do Indian Passport Need Visa for Ethiopia?

Ans: Yes, people with Indian Passport do need to apply for Visa for Ethiopia.

2) How to get Ethiopia Visa Online?

Ans: Forgetting an Ethiopia Visa Online one needs to Fill the Online Application Form and must fulfil all the Passport and Visa Requirements.

3) How much things cost in Ethiopia?

Ans: The food is very cheap in Ethiopia. 1 Ethiopian Birr equals 0.027 United States Dollar.

4) How Much Time does it take for the Online Application Form to be Processed?

Ans: Usually 24 Hours takes for the Online Application to be processed. But, in the worst scenario, it takes 72 Hours

5) Which Countries do not need to apply for Ethiopia Visa Online?

Ans: Citizens of Kenya and Djibouti do not need to Apply for Ethiopia Visa.

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