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Ethiopia is a country located on the easternmost extension of the African land, typically the far end of the African land is known as the Horn of Africa. That is why it is said that Ethiopia is a country on the Horn of Africa. Despite being a landlocked country it has numerous lakes that are equally competent to the beaches. Ethiopia needs a visa from the foreign national to entre in the country for traveling, business or any other purpose. Ethiopia Visa for Iran Citizens can be acquired by visiting the Ethiopia Embassy in Iran but because getting a visa by visiting the Embassy is a long and tiring process which is why people prefer to apply for an Electronic visa or E-Visa online by visiting the visa websites as it is simple and time-saving process and you don’t have to stand in the long queue for the visa. So let’s see what are the Ethiopia visa requirements for Iran nationals? And what is Ethiopia visa fee for Iran citizens?

Ethiopia visa requirements for Iran nationals

  1. A valid E-Mail ID of the Iran passport holder.
  2. A valid passport of the Iran national.
  3. A scanned copy of the First and the Last page of the Iran passport.
  4. Passport of the Iran citizen must have six months validity.
  5. Iranian passport must have 2 blank pages.
  6. The photo of the Iranian citizen must be of the size 35*45 mm with white background and not be older than three months.
  7. A passport size photograph of the Iranian citizen.
  8. Iran citizen should have confirmed ticket of Arrival and Departure.
  9. A valid Credit card or Debit card of the Iran national that is applicable in Ethiopia.
  10. Iran National must have to avoid security restrictions at the airport.
  11. Health insurance coverage of the Iran Passport holder.

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Ethiopia visa fee for Iran citizens

Type of Visa

No. of Entry

Visa Category

Visa Validity

Stay Validity

Processing Time

Processing Fees

Visa Fee

30 Days visa

Single Entry

Tourist Visa

30 Days

30 Days

5 - 7 Days

00.0 USD

77.0 USD

90 Days visa

Single Entry

Tourist Visa

90 Days

30 Days

5 - 7 Days

00.0 USD

97.0 USD

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Types of Ethiopia Visa for Iran citizens

Tourist Visa:

Ethiopia tourist Visa is issued for those Iran citizens, who want to travel to Ethiopia for enjoying a vacation with family or friends. If a citizen of Iran wants to meet his or her relative then they can also apply for a tourist visa.

 Ethiopia Tourist Visa for Iran citizens can be a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa, based on your trip to Ethiopia one can apply for the visa. Ethiopia single entry visa can be issued for 30 Days or 90 Days with the stay validity and visa validity of 30 Days or 90 Days respectively. In Ethiopia single entry visa, the citizen of Iran is allowed to visit and exit the country only once on the visa after that one is not allowed to enter the country on the same visa even if the validity of the visa is not expired.

Business Visa:

Ethiopia Business Visa for Iran citizens can be issued for 90 days with the visa validity of 90 days. An Iranian citizen who is visiting Ethiopia for Business purposes, usually a Business professional apply for this visa. Also, the employer of the company requests this visa, only if you have been selected for a job in Ethiopia.

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Q. Do Iran citizens have the facility for an E-visa to Ethiopia

 Unless you are a citizen of one of the following country Djibouti, Iran, Kenya, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen, you need not to apply for E-visa. and yes, Iran citizens have the facility to apply for Ethiopia visa.

Q. Can I get my tourist visa extended, while staying in the Ethiopia?

No, there is no extension policy for the tourist visa for Iran citizen or any other nationalities in Ethiopia. However, if someone wants to extend their Business visa, they can apply for it.

Q. Do Iran citizens need a separate visa for children or infants?

No, children and infants does not need visa to travel in Ethiopia but child’s birth certificate is needed along with the photocopy of the Parent’s passport.

Q. What are the cheap Hotels in Ethiopia?

  1. Lalibela Home Stay
  2. Mini lalibea guest house
  3. Oasis Hotel Apartment.
  4. The Hub Hotel
  5. Miracle Hotel

These are some of the cheap hotel that offer a good services and also food.

Q. What are the requirements for Ethiopia visa for Iran citizens?

Iran nationals need a few documents to for Ethiopia visa such as a passport, a photograph and a valid E-mail ID.

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