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If any foreign nationals are willing to stay in Ethiopia for study, then they must apply for an Ethiopian student visa. The F 1 visa or student visa is the type of visa obtained by foreign nationals. The F 1 visa for Ethiopia permits foreign students to study in Ethiopia. International students are allowed to study in Ethiopia. The student visa for Ethiopia may not permit the foreign students to do full-time or part-time work in Ethiopia. Foreign students can do part-time jobs with limitations and restrictions.


Eligibility to apply for Ethiopian F 1 visa

  • International students having a valid visa
  • International students who have a cover letter from their institution
  • International students who  to study in Ethiopia
  • International students must fulfill the basic requirements

As a foreign national who wants to study in Ethiopia.  The first question arises in their mind how to apply for a student visa for Ethiopia?

How to apply for  F 1 visa for Ethiopia?

International students visiting Ethiopia to continue their studies must collect and submit the student visa application form for F 1 visa.

  • Foreign nationals need to apply for their Ethiopian student visa from the embassy. Visa application form for F 1 visa or student visa can be obtained at the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs in Ethiopia. Or it can also be obtained at the nearby embassy for foreign students.
  • Foreign students to acquire a student visa must answer all the questions and provide all the information asked in the application form.
  • Complete the visa application form for F 1 visa to Ethiopia.
  • You must take every important document needed for Ethiopian F 1 Visa. You will have to attach copies of all the required documents. Make sure that you take both original and photocopies of the documents.
  • Foreign nationals will also be asked to pay the F 1 visa fee for Ethiopia. The amount for the visa fee for a student visa to Ethiopia will be asked by the authority.
  • You may have to attend the meeting or interview to obtain an Ethiopian F 1 visa.
  • If the students' visa for Ethiopia is accepted you can study in Ethiopia. But they must follow the rules and submit the required documents and can receive the visa from the office. If the student visa for Ethiopia is not accepted, then they are allowed to reapply for the student visa.

The process to apply for an Ethiopian student visa can be done online by following steps:

  • Students who are not the citizen of Ethiopia and are planning to study in the country can receive the application form from the official government website. 
  • The Ethiopian government also provides journalist visa, conference visa, and other types of visas. If you are traveling to the country to attend seminars or Workshops as a student. There are different options according to the purpose of the visit.
  • Fill the Ethiopian student visa application form online. You will be asked to fill in travel details, personal and passport details. You will also have to upload the documents to obtain F 1 visa to Ethiopia.
  • After you pay the F 1 visa fee for Ethiopia, you will receive the F1 visa if you have followed all the instructions carefully.


Requirements and documents needed for F 1 visa to Ethiopia

The requirements are almost the same as tourist visas for Ethiopia, but they have to provide additional documents. All the applicants applying for Ethiopian F 1 visa must have the following documents:

  • Cover letter or an offer letter from the relevant University, School, or institution.
  • Passport- The national passport of the student applying for an F 1 visa. Foreign nationals should use their valid and new passport for F 1 visa to Ethiopia. 
  • Two passport size photos of the international student will be needed for an application form. 
  • Academic qualifications and information of the foreign student.
  • Letter from the student's parents for commitment.
  • Police clearance certificate of the foreign student visiting Ethiopia for study.
  • If the individual is with a minor, then the birth certificate of the child and the parent's passport will be required.



The F 1 visa is the Ethiopian student visa which must be obtained by every student staying in the country for academic purposes.

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