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Travelling without Ethiopia Visa is strictly prohibited. For entering Ethiopia you must apply for Ethiopian Visa Online. Now, applying for Visa does not take much of your time. After submitting all the documents and fulfilling all the  Ethiopia Visa Requirements you will get the Visa on your mail. But, you must be thinking about your Ethiopia Visa Processing Time. Today, we will solve all your problems.

Ethiopia Visa Processing Time

When you apply Online Visa the first step is to fill the Ethiopia Visa Application Form. In the application form, you have to give your Passport Details, Return Journey Details, Yellow fever vaccination certification, Your Photo, and Polio Vaccine. These are a lot of Documents, right? To check the Authenticity of the Documents takes a little bit of time. All the Documents that you submit online are checked by the Ethiopian Authorities. If all the documents are correct and fulfills the Ethiopia Visa Requirements then you will receive your Visa via Mail.


  1. In how much time can I get my Ethiopia Visa?
  2. How do I know if my Visa has been Approved or Rejected?
  3. Receiving the Approved Ethiopia Visa
  4. I am having trouble filling the Ethiopia Visa Application Form. What should I do?

In how much time can I get my Ethiopia Visa?

Whether you have applied for Ethiopia Tourist Visa or Business Visa you will get the Ethiopia Visa in 24 Hours. In some very rare cases, you will receive the Ethiopia visa in 72 Hours. So, basically within 24-72 Hours, your Visa will be processed. If while filling the Application Form you have filled the wrong details or left something incomplete your Visa Application Form will be Denied. If you don’t fulfil Passport and Visa Requirements then also your Application Form will get rejected. If the Online Application Form gets denied you won’t be able to receive your Visa. It is advised that you Fill the Form correctly and give all the Authentic Documents to get your Visa.

How do I know if my Visa has been Approved or Rejected?

If your visa gets approved you will get a mail on your registered email id. On the other hand, if your Application Form gets denied you will still get a mail. Check your Spam or Junk mail folder to check the mail. If you don’t receive the mail you can Track Visa status online.

Receiving the Approved Ethiopia Visa

As said earlier, you will receive your Visa via Mail. The email id that you put while filling the Online Application Form will be used to send you Visa. The visa is sent over secure servers to the Visa Applicant after the Verification Process. Take a printout of it. The printout will be used to show to the immigration authorities at the border. Make sure that the Printout is very clear so, you don’t face any problems later. You can either apply for 30 Days or 90 Days Ethiopia Visa. If you need then you also apply for Business Visa.

I am having trouble filling the Ethiopia Visa Application Form

Are you having trouble filling the Application Form on the Ethiopian Government  Website? Or do you want a Visa without visiting the Embassy and without any Complications?

Visit Tourist Visa Online where you will get High-Quality Visa Services. Tourist Visa Online provides you Visa with easy documentation. You also don’t need to visit the Embassy. All the Documents are first verified by the Experts and if everything is right then only it is processed further. You will get 24x7 Customer Support and Secure Online Transaction. If you want Visa on an urgent basis then Tourist Visa Online can provide you with a visa in less then 48 Hours. You can also check your Visa Status Online through us. We guarantee that you will get your Visa as quickly as possible without any Difficulties.


1) If my Application gets rejected can I get to know the Reason?

Ans: If your Application gets rejected you would be notified but, the exact reason won't be mentioned. Mostly the application gets rejected if you don’t fill the online form properly or submit any wrong documents.

2) If my Application gets rejected will I get any Refund?

Ans: The Application Fee does not get refunded if your application gets rejected.

3) From when does the Validity of my Ethiopian e-Visa starts?

Ans: The validity of the Ethiopian e-Visa starts from the date of your arrival in Ethiopia. The validity does not start from the Date of Issue of the e-Visa.

4) How can I receive my e-Visa Approval Letter?

Ans: Once your e-Visa Application gets Approved, the Approval Letter will be sent to your Registered Email Id. You can also the Approval Letter by checking your e-Visa status online.

5) Should I contact any Ethiopian Embassy to check my e-Visa Status

Ans: For checking your e-Visa status don’t contact any Ethiopian Embassy. No help can be provided by them.

6) Can I upload Camera-Captured pictures of my Passport, Photos, and other Documents while filling the Application Form?

Ans: If all the Pictures are clear then you upload those photos instead of Scanned Ones.

7) What is the Ethiopia Visa Processing Time?

Ans: Ethiopia Visa Processing Time si 24 Hours to 72 Hours

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