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H1 B visa is a nonimmigrant and multiple entry visa for the USA. This visa permits and allows foreign nationals to work and get employed by companies or organizations in the country for specialized jobs or occupations. The process of H1 B visa stamping includes several steps. The applicants should qualify the requirement needed for an H1 B visa. One must be highly skilled and should have the proper education to obtain this type of visa. Applicants should also have a job offer from a company in the USA with lots of experience in the particular field. 


H1 B visa stamping process in Ethiopia

Before going for the H1 B visa stamping process in Ethiopia, applicants must go through a few processes before:

  • Find a job- You must have a job offer letter and the employer should sponsor you. The employer also has to complete some procedures for hiring foreign nationals.
  • Employer will be required to submit labor certificate form.
  • The employer must file and submit the petition for the employee. This petition will help you to obtain your visa with ease. In a year only 65,000 petitions can be filed for foreign workers in the USA. 
  • The form for the petition and nonimmigrant employee is form I-129, which should be submitted by the employer at USCIS. The employer should also submit supportive documents needed for the petition form.
  • The employer must fill the form DS 160 which is available online. You have to submit this form to obtain an H1 b visa.
  • Applicants will get the barcode that will be required during the interview.
  • Pay the application fee that will be needed for your H1 B visa.
  • Schedule the interview at the Visa application center and the nearby US embassy located in Ethiopia.
  • The interview scheduled at the visa application center will take some fee.
  • The interviewer at the embassy will you ask some questions and will take your interview.
  • Take all the important  documents with you for the interview scheduled at US embassy in Ethiopia and reach at the interview on time.
  • Answer all the questions confidently and do not give wrong information to the consulate.

Stamping process

After the petition is approved, then one can move to the next step which is the H1 B visa stamping process. This step is important because the applicants' visa will be signed or stamped. Stamping on any kind of visa to obtain official permission. If you answer questions correctly and they find you eligible. Then, the official or authority will approve your visa.


Documents required for an interview and H1 B visa:

  • Applicants photograph

The photograph used for the application form should have to be digital. The dimensions of the picture should be between 600 x 600 pixels and 1200 x 1200 pixels. It should be a Colored photo. Submit the file in JPEG format. A clear photograph with white background and no glasses.

  • Valid passport
  • Old passport
  • H1 B visa application form
  • Fingerprints
  • A copy of the DS 160 form  with stamp
  • The visa receipt for payment confirmation
  • Appointment letter
  • Degree certificate
  • Experience Letters
  • Resume
  • Petition documents
  • Supportive documents
  • Company-related documents

Obtaining an H1 B visa is an important step to start your career or to work in the USA. The process is a little difficult and tricky. It will be best if you take some professional help if you do not have any knowledge. Don't visit for the interview late,  go to the interview a few minutes earlier to complete necessary processes like screening and other related processes.  

Eligibility to apply for an H1 B visa

  • Applicant should have at least completed his or her education from University or college.
  • He or she should be highly skilled.
  • You must have 10 to 12 years of work experience
  • Your experiences and qualifications should match the job.
  • You must be fit to work in a specialty occupation.



THE H1 B visa stamping process is the same for all the countries. The processing period of your H1 B visa stamping process depends upon the authority. If you are planning to visit Ethiopia for tourists purposes, then apply for your Ethiopian visa

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the eligibility criteria of an H1 B visa, the employer must sponsor an employee from a foreign country. And the employee must have a job offer later.

The validity of an H1 B visa is Valid for 3 years. And if the applicants want it can be extended for more than three years.

The applicants applying for an H1 B visa extension must also apply for visa stamping again.

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