Do Malaysians need a visa to travel to Ethiopia

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The government of Ethiopia has made an initiative for the tourist around the world. They can travel to Ethiopia using an E-visa, this will help the tourist to travel to Ethiopia hassle-free. 

This is an initiative made by the government of Ethiopia, for the e-visa facility. All the countries around the globe can travel to Ethiopia, few countries are not eligible for the e-visa facility. 2 countries are exempted by the government of Ethiopia, that they can travel hassle-free. 

These countries are – 

  • Kenya 
  • Djibouti 

the process of visa application can be done online. This is a very simple process, this can be done online without any worry. The person traveling to Ethiopia doesn’t have to go to Embassy or the consulate to get the visa. The tourist traveling to Ethiopia can get a visa before traveling or they can request at the border to provide them with the visa or arrival. 

Several documents are required for the Ethiopian visa. They require special requirements for the e-visa, the application process for the visa application. Some safety and security measures are needed to be taken care of. 


Documents that are needed for the Visa for Ethiopia 

Several documents are needed for the visa application of Ethiopia being a Malaysian citizen

  • Passport 

the tourist traveling to Ethiopia, the person needs to have a passport. That the passport needed to be valid from 6 months from the entry in the country. 

There needed to be at least 2 or more blank pages in the passport for the stamps of that country. 

  • Fees payment 

The tourist traveling must be having a valid credit card or a debit card. For making the payments of the visa, there are small visa application fees.

  • Email address

The tourist must be having a valid email address, where they will send the visa notification. There will be a corresponding email address will be given for the address. 

Ethiopian’s visa requirements for Malaysian citizens 

There are several things that a Malaysian citizen needs to travel to Ethiopian citizens 

  • Yellow fever certificate

As there is yellow fever, so the citizens that are needed to carry a yellow fever certificate. This depends on where you are traveling or from which country from where you are traveling. 


  • Photocopy of the passport

The tourist traveling must carry a photocopy of the passport. That will show the details of the person traveling that is the copy of the biographical page of the passport. The person traveling must carry a recent passport size photograph. 

Processing time for the e-visa for the Malaysian citizens 

The e-visa application form can usually be processed under 24 hours after the submission of the visa application form

In special circumstances, the processing time for the visa application will take up to 72 hours for the Malaysian citizens traveling to Ethiopia. the person traveling to Ethiopia must apply for the visa in advance,  so if they got a delay even then they got enough time to travel to Ethiopia. 

Procedure for Visa application for a Malaysian tourist to Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia has made an initiative for travelers around the globe. this visa application can be done online without any hassle, the visa application process won’t take time. 

Malaysian citizens who want to visit Ethiopia can apply for the e-visa online. Citizens of Malaysia, are not bound to stay in Malaysia while they are applying for the visa. 

The visa application can be accessed online, for the people who want to obtain the visa application form. 

The tourist traveling from Malaysia, they are being asked the following information. This will include their passport details and personal details during the time of application. 

  • Full name
  • Date of birth 
  • Gender
  • City of the birth 
  • Country of the birth 
  • Country of the citizenship 
  • Country of issue of passport 
  • Contact information 
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue date
  • Passport expiry date


There is the choice of whether the tourist wants to apply for the visa. That is valid for 30 days or 90 days. It is the choice of the tourist who wants to travel to Ethiopia, the validity of the visa will be counted from the date of entry in the country. 

After selecting the days of duration, the visa validity. There comes the option of the payment of the visa fees, this can be done through an online portal using your debit card or credit card. Then the visa application form will be submitted and then the processing time will start. 

After making the payment for the visa, then the information provided by the tourist traveling to Ethiopia is checked by the Ethiopian authorities. this information provided at the time of the visa application must be up to date and correct. This will help the tourist traveling to Ethiopia, to avoid any delays in their visa application process. 

The tourist traveling to Ethiopia, using the e-visa facility. They are required to travel from the “Addis Ababa Bole international airport”. Otherwise, entry from any other port is not permitted for travelers. 

Some other countries are eligible for the visa on arrival. But this will cost them time and money as they have to wait in the lines for the same, this facility is not for the Malaysian citizens

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