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Many people have heard about Ethiopia. It is located in South Africa. It is mainly famous for ancient buildings and civilizations that were found 3 million years ago. Lovers of History will definitely want to visit this place. This place is a great place to visit as it has many gems and marvels that increases its beauty more. The Blue Nile has a magnificent monastery. Lake Tana’s Churches take us back to more than hundreds of years. Erta Ale is a great place where you can see a volcano along with a desert and numerous canals. There is a place of colourful springs called Danakil Depression which is also a photogenic spot. The Church of Saint George is a unique building of stone that attracts more tourists. Shiro is one of the famous delicious foods you must try. So, hearing these, you must have started to plan to give a visit to Ethiopia but wait before that you need to have a visa either online or offline from the embassy.

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Ethiopia. You need not to worry about it. We have made everything possible and easier for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information you may require regarding this matter and please provide us with your contact information and travel information. You just have faith in us and our services. We will provide you with the best.

Types of Visas available for Ethiopia

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is for those who visit the country for travelling and other personal purposes. This type of visa is the most wanted and popular and are available without any hassles or less hassles.

Business Visa

This type of visa permits the volunteers or businessmen or other professionals to visit the country for work purposes. This visa does not allow the holder to work in the country.

The documents required for applying Ethiopia Visa:

There is a short list of required documents that are required for applying a visa online for Ethiopia.

  • The person must show Original Visa passport that must be legal or valid for at least six months from the date of the arrival and old passport must be with the visitor.
  • The visa form should be filled with the correct information to avoid any problems later.
  • One photograph of the applicant is needed while applying for a visa.
  • Cover letter should be present with the applicant who is going there for work signed by the organization or the institution from where the person is sent to.
  • The certificate of Yellow Fever has to be authorized and as a proof it should be present with the person before applying for the online e-visa.
  • The person should be vaccinated with Polio vaccine.

Ethiopia Visa Processing Time

The processing time of the visa is 24 hours provided if you apply online via Tourist Visa Online. It is actually very rare if the visa takes 72 hours l to get issued or verified. You will basically get your visa within 24 to 72 hours no doubt. If you don’t provide with the correct information then, it will be difficult to process your visa and you may need to go through hassles and that will create delay in your plans because the application form won’t be processed. If the Application form has no confirmation then be sure you are not going to get your visa. The processing time therefore depends on a various number of factors.

Visa Validity

Visas are usually valid for at most 2 years but it does depend on the discretion of the Consulate, so you need to be very careful about it. Maximum validity to stay in the country is for 30 days and that is fixed. It is very essential to buy tickets which is non-refundable and one should be ready with all types of required documents. Single entry or uf a visa is multiple entry, the visa costs 77. 0 USD. The visa application should be filled properly and double checked before finally submitting it.

How will Tourist Online Visa help you through the process of getting a visa for Ethiopia?

Firstly, you don’t have to wait in the line fir hours nor you have to visit the Embassy of Ethiopia to get your visa done. Secondly, solving your problems are our first priority and we will solve all your doubts and concerns. We are available 24*7. We provide you with 100% secured online payment transaction without any failure and even if it happens, you will get your refund back and you can apply again. The documents you will need to submit should only be in pdf format.

Apply Ethiopia Visa

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