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An Ethiopian non-immigrant visa is perfect for you if you are planning a short trip to this country without any plans for permanent settlement. In this article, we are going to introduce you to all the requirements for applications, documents, travel agencies etc. for your trip to Ethiopia.

It is a landlocked country, filled with beauteous world heritage sites and architecture. Tourists can see biodiversity in its environment with the amalgamation of deserts, cliffs, waterfalls as well as rivers.

Visit the ancient ruins of man-made 17th-century churches, castles and magnificent palaces. You can also see the volcanic eruptions, and a wide array of birds, and other wildlife which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

You can experience all this and so much more with an Ethiopian non-immigrant visa. Find out how, below.

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Immigrant vs Non-immigrant

Before beginning the application process, we are going to tell you all about the differences between the two kinds of visas.

An immigration visa is generally for a more permanent visit to the country. If you are planning to apply for a residency there due to a job or family then you will need to get this visa

However, for all other types of trips you need to go for the non-immigrant visa, Ethiopia offers. It should be sufficient for all your tourism or business-related trips.


Whether you are getting a tourist, business, student, media, journalism, volunteer, or any other kind of Ethiopian visa, it can all be done via the immigration office’s website.

The recently introduced Ethiopian e-visa is a boon for the digital world.

It is a suitable alternative to getting a visa on arrival. The process for a digital application takes just a few minutes. Visitors can fill the form and receive their visas right from their homes in their home countries.

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If you are getting the regular Ethiopia non-immigrant visa or the Ethiopia e-visa, you will still have to submit the following documents to your travel agency or the local embassy:

  • A passport valid for the next 6 months, you will also be required to carry any old passport (if you have any).
  • The application form completely filled.
  • One coloured passport-sized picture, taken recently according to the guidelines.
  • Details of your return ticket.
  • A copy of your yellow fever vaccine certificate.
  • Travel details and a complete itinerary.


Firstly, it is necessary to check which kind of visa you are applying for. You can visit the website of tourist visa online and do so. You cannot just apply, but also track the status of your application via the site.

If your country is eligible for an Ethiopian e-visa then you can apply for that.

 If not, then you can just go to an embassy and get a regular Ethiopian non-immigrant visa.

  • Fill the application form from the official immigration officer’s website.
  • Attach the documents and photos after getting them double-checked, in order to avoid rejection.
  • Pay the visa fee online and submit it.
  • If the email takes a long time, you can visit this website and check the status of the application.
  • Finally, when you get the visa, get a hard copy printed and take it with you throughout the journey.

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Covid Precautions

The covid situation has led the authorities in Ethiopia to tighten the safety and security measures. After arriving at the airport you can present all the Ethiopian visa requirements while following these rules:

  • Visitors must carry their latest RT-PCR reports stating that they have tested negative.
  • If you are not in possession of the report, then you will have to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in the country. The local Ethiopian embassy is equipped with quarantine facilities.
  • Furthermore, you need to undergo a mandatory temperature screening.
  • In the event that you show symptoms or are tested positive then you will be asked to leave and entry will not be allowed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists can stay for up to 3 months in the country, even with a visa extension.

The fee for a non-immigrant Ethiopian visa would be anywhere from $77 to $150 depending on your travel agency. Tourist visa online offers visas at the lower side of that estimate.

If you want to move to Ethiopia, the first thing you will need is to apply for a visa extension and then move on to a resident application.

The consulate generally takes about 24 to 48 hours to process the Ethiopia e-visa for non-immigrants

When someone from a foreign country decides to permanently settle in another country, it is called immigration.

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