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Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain, officially called the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a tiny island nation in the Persian Gulf, situated off the coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The island country actually comprises of 70 natural islands and additional 33 artificial islands. Contrary to its geographical extent, Bahrain is a swiftly developing country owing to its rich natural resources. More than 92% of land in Bahrain is considered to be desert as a result of which most of the population is concentrated around the northern region of the country. Cities such as Manama, the capital of Bahrain, are just as futuristic and aesthetically pleasing as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 
Bahrain is home to about 1.2 million people of which almost half are non-nationals. Indians are one of the major ethnic groups in the Kingdom, with almost 300,000 Indian Expatriates in 2008. AS a tourist destination, Bahrain welcomes over eight million visitors every year most of whom are from Arab States. The country is holds an important place in history as the home of the Dilmun Civilization the influences of which are preserved by the country in its culture. Today, Bahrain is famous for the architectural marvels of Manama, its Dilmun Heritage, its forts and its pearls. In case you intend to move to Bahrain for work and have questions about Expatriates in Bahrain – Age Limits and Living Guides, the details below will help you. For all your visa related needs, you can visit Tourist Visa Online

Travelling through Bahrain

In the recent times, the heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain has been propagating that has attracted numerous visitors from the Arabic world. The kingdom brings together the five thousand years of archaeological heritage and the modern Arab Culture. The history of the Bahrain can be experienced through the numerous forts spread across the landmass which have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The National Museum has artefacts as old as 9000 years from the first human settlers on the island. Activities such as Bird Watching, Scuba Diving and Horse Riding are particularly popular in the region.

Expatriates in Bahrain

As of 2020, about 52% of the population of Bahrain are expats. Bahrain hosts one of the highest percentages of Expat population in the world. Kingdom of Bahrain is a favoured location of working for both skilled and unskilled expatriates from across Asia. The global nature of the cities and the tax free environment are bound to be among the top features that pulls these expatriates to Bahrain. 
Though there no strict guidelines specifying age limits for expatriates in Bahrain, however, the conventional age restriction can be assumed to hold. Only people aged between 18 and 60 can work in Bahrain as Expats. In case an individual aged more than 60 years intends to continue working, they will have to obtain a medical certificate. 
Additionally, there is a set of rules that expats will have to follow as specified by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority of Bahrain. These rules are:
  1. Always work with a valid work permit issued by LMRA and get it renewed in time.
  2. Submit your finger prints, photographs and signature to the LMRA at the time of entering Bahrain or within one month from the date of entry
  3. Avoid being absent from work for a period of more than 15 days without informing your employer
  4. Abide by the conditions specified in your work permit such as the employer, location of employment and hours of employment
  5. You can change your employer after one year of employment with the current employee after informing LMRA and providing all relevant details
  6. After expiry of work permit, you have 30 days to find a new employer or to leave the country.


Living Guide

Apart from the rules laid down by LMRA, the general healthy practices and guides that you can follow during your stay in Bahrain are:
  • Kingdom of Bahrain is a liberal Gulf State in terms of religion and you can follow any religion without any obligations. 
  • Nearly everyone in Bahrain is versed in English which means it can be convenient for English Speakers to communicate
  • Wide variety of accommodation is available in Bahrain ranging from apartments to stand alone villas.
  • Food shopping in Bahrain in easy with all kinds of food easily available in bazaars and markets as well as shopping complexes. 
  • Eating out can be a great experience in Bahrain as there is host of excellent restaurants across the islands
Living and Woking in Bahrain can be exciting opportunity for people looking to work in a tax free multicultural ambience. If you plan on travelling to Bahrain in the near future, you can avail the excellent services of Tourist Visa Online who are among the best in industry in processing and delivering visas for all nations in the world. 

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