Do I need a visa to transit through Ethiopia

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Usually, travellers on connecting flights do not require an Ethiopian transit visa if they are going to stay inside the airport premises. However, there are other pre-established rules regarding transit visas, and we are going to discuss all of them in this article.

If you are on a big trip and will have a few different transit flights, then it is always a good idea to connect to a travel agency such as tourist visa online. They provide expert guidance and help to visitors in obtaining all kinds of visas, including an Ethiopia transit visa on arrival.

Ethiopia is an African country with a large mix of history and culture. It has been passed down millions of years in the forms of ancient architecture, ruins, temples, churches, obelisks, castles etc.

There are awe-worthy wildlife reserves and depressive formations which are a result of the old and new volcanic eruptions.

However, chances are that you will not be able to explore much of the city that you land in. Visitors can usually go to the international airport. The flight generally lands in Addis Ababa which is the country’s capital. 

Furthermore, it serves some amazing local delicacies. You can get a chance to try them at the airport or at nearby eateries or restaurants if you have an Ethiopian transit visa.

Find out how to get one by reading further below.



When a traveller is visiting a country far away from their original country, they might need to take connecting flights. These flights usually have layovers in foreign countries. 

If you are passing through Ethiopia during one such flight, then you might need to apply for an Ethiopian transit visa

It will only be valid for a short period of time until your flight takes off. In some cases, if your layover is less than twelve hours, you might not need to get the visa at all. However, if the flight has stopped for more than that, then travellers will need an Ethiopia transit visa on arrival. 

Requirement Process

It would also be beneficial to have these documents checked with a travel agency before you submit the application.

In most cases, the Ethiopian transit visa will be processed without any hitches but it can be rejected due to incomplete documents in some cases.

  • Visit the official website and fill the non-immigration transit form.
  • Attach a passport-sized photograph with it.
  • Pay the visa fee through any online payment method and submit.
  • Finally, the embassy will inform you of the application for the transit visa has been accepted or rejected.
  • The traveller will also need to present a negative covid 19 report after arriving at the airport. They will also have to undergo a temperature screening.
  • Passengers with symptoms will not be admitted.

For a regular transit visa, it can take anywhere from three to five days for to get processed. For an Ethiopian transit visa on arrival, you can pick it up from the airport right after landing at the international airport.



Whether you are getting an Ethiopian transit visa on arrival or have applied for one beforehand through your travel agency, you will need to present and submit certain documents.

We bring you a compilation of them, below for your convenience:

  • Fill and complete the visa application form.
  • A passport of your country, valid for the next six months.
  • Two passport-sized pictures (coloured and taken against a white background)
  • The passport should have at least a couple of blank pages for your transit visa and then one for the destination.
  • Travelling medical insurance.

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

An Ethiopian transit visa on arrival will usually allow you to stay in the country for a day at the most, depending on when your flight takes off.

No, passengers without an Ethiopian transit visa can only stay inside the boundaries of the premises. If they try to leave, the authorities hold complete rights to deport them back.

Yes, agencies like tourist visa online can guide you with the application process of transit visas.

Yes, with an Ethiopian transit visa you can travel around outside the airport until your flight takes off.

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