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Ethiopian visa for Zambians can be obtained in two ways. Zambian citizens can either apply for an Ethiopian visa on arrival or an Ethiopian e-Visa. Zambia and Ethiopia are African countries. And every country situated in Africa is eligible to enter the country with a visa on arrival. Applying for a visa on arrival is a more time-consuming task as compared to applying for an Ethiopian visa online.

Ethiopian Visa on Arrival for Zambians

Zambia citizens can obtain their visas on arrival after reaching the airport in Ethiopia. If any visitor or tourist is applying for a visa on arrival, then it can only be obtained at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. This means that all the procedures obtain a travel permit can be done after reaching the destination.  Visa provided at the airport to Zambians allows single entry. It will be considered invalid if the tourist will try to re-enter the country with the same visa.

Time Validity: Ethiopian visa on arrival for Zambians is valid for up to 90 days. It will allow the tourists to stay in the country for 90 days. 



  • After landing at the airport, applicants will be required to stand in one of the lines to apply for an Ethiopian visa on arrival.
  • Zambian citizens will be asked to fill the visa on the arrival application form.
  • Submit the visa on the arrival application form and pay the Visa fee for Ethiopia.
  • You will also be asked to show important documents.
  • Wait for your Ethiopia visa on arrival approval.
  • Collect your Ethiopian visa on arrival after it is approved not be approved and they may reject your application which will take your time and waste your money. Therefore, it is best to apply for your visa online.


  • Zambian Passport 
  • Applicants photo - it should be the latest one and background should be light without glasses.
  • Journey details
  • Hotel room bookings
  • Return flight tickets to Jamaica
  • Cash to pay the Ethiopian Visa fee at the counter.
  • Funds
  • Medical certificate- yellow Vaccination

Ethiopian e-Visa for Jamaicans

Ethiopian e-Visa is the electronic travel permit obtained by nationals of Zambia to visit Ethiopia for vacation purposes and short-term stays. It allows the Zambian citizens to stay and travel Ethiopia without standing in line for a visa on arrival and without applying it from the embassy. Tourists can select for 30 days Ethiopian visa or 90 days Ethiopian visa. Time Validity depends on the type of visa they selected. Ethiopian e-Visa will be valid to be used for one entry in Ethiopia for Zambian citizens.



  • It is a very simple process that can be completed in few minutes. Just ensure that you have a good internet connection to apply for an Ethiopian visa online. Applicants from Zambia can open the website, "Tourist Visa Online" to submit their visa application form for Ethiopia.
  • You will be asked to choose the living country, National, it,y and the visiting country.
  • Click on the "Apply visa" button. Then select the visa type you are willing to apply for. Then proceed to the next step.
  • Zambian citizens will be required to fill Ethiopian visa application form online to visit the country. Properly and carefully write all the details without any errors.
  • Zambians should also upload the important relevant files according to their visa type for Ethiopia.
  • Submit the form with the Ethiopian e-Visa fee. The fee which Zambians will be asked to pay for the Ethiopian visa application form is 120.0 USD.
  • The processing time of an Ethiopian visa online is can be between five to seven days and the processing fee will be 26.0 USD. Applicants from  ZAMBIA can also check the status of their Ethiopian e-Visa by entering the application number of their form. 
  • Citizens of Zambia will get a copy of the Ethiopian electronic visa through their email ID. Therefore, Zambian citizens should use an active email ID to obtain visas online. It can be downloaded and take the printout of the visa.


  • The passport must not have less than 6 months validity. It will not be accepted if its validity is below 6 months. Zambian citizens should upload ned and digital images of the first and last page.
  • Photo of the tourist from Zambia which should be passport size. 
  • Zambian citizens will need a debit card or credit card for online transactions to pay the Ethiopian visa fees. The fee is not refundable, it is suggested to write in the correct details to avoid delay and re-applying for a visa to Ethiopia.
  • Email address of the visitor or tourist from the applicant's from Jamaica.



Ethiopian visa for Zambians and they can choose one according to their convenience. Applicants must pay the Visa for Ethiopian visa on arrival and Ethiopian e-Visa.

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists from Zambia are allowed to enter the country for short-term days to enjoy their vacation. But, they must apply for a visa first.

The validity period of your online Ethiopia visa can be 30 or it can be 90 days according to the type of visa you choose.

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