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Thai Citizens can obtain there Ethiopian Visa On Arrival or through e - Visa. If you are visiting Ethiopia as a tourist you can stay there up to 90 days with tourist visa.

Visa On Arrival

If you are planning to get Visa after and you hold Thailand passport then you can obtain your Visa after reaching airport or at the Destination.  If you are travelling to the country for tourist purposes then visa on arrival  will be a  easy and better way . You can get your Visa for Ethiopia at Addis Ababa Bole Airport. It provides single entry visa . You cannot enter Ethiopia again after leaving the country. It is necessary to apply for new visa to visit . Visa can be used for 3 months after entering the territory .

Cost - The visa on arrival will cost 120.0USD for visa validity of 30 day duration. And you have to pay US $ 72 for visa validity of 90 days or 3 months .

Sometimes, it may be a troublesome and long process . It may waste your lot of time while standing in a line.

Important Documents Required for Ethiopian Visa Application form for Thai Citizens:

  • Application Form - Completely filled Ethiopia visa application form with accurate details.
  • Photographs - Two passport size photographs for application form .
  • Passport - Passport must have validity upto 6 months .
  • Funds and expenses - Just make sure that you have enough funds to travel Ethiopia. You can show your personal bank details or records of your tax . You must have no less than 10,000 TBH (Thailand currency) for one person.
  • Itenary details and travel plans - Where you will stay in Ethiopia and few information about your travel plans.
  • Returns Tickets - You should have return tickets with you.
  • Residence Permit card - You have to show a valid residence permit Card of Thailand.

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Procedure to apply for Visa On Arrival :

  • After arriving at Addis Ababa Bole Airport in Ethiopia . You have to stand in the que at the immigration points for completing and submitting your application form .
  • You have to carefully fill all the details required .
  • Pay the Visa fees
  • And wait in a line till your Visa for Ethiopia get approved.
  • You can enter the territory after obtaining visa.
  • Note - Visa obtain on Visa on arrival allows only one time entry.

Ethiopian e Visa for Thailand Citizens

Applying for e Visa is the best way to avoid long and tiring process for Thai Citizens . For visiting Ethiopia as a tourist you can apply for tourist e Visa .  If you are visiting the country for some work related businesses or company meetings then you should go for business e Visa. Time duration varies from 30 to 90 days.

e - Visa Application Process :

  • Online Form - In order to receive an e Visa fill all the personal and passport details properly. You can fill Ethiopian online registration form by registering your email id .
  • Submit your registration form online on the tourist visa online website. Link -
  • Fill details about your Nationality , current country you are living in and the country you want to visit. Then click on "Apply Visa " button.
  • Payment - You have to pay 0USD for 30 days and amount vary if you want to stay there  for 90 days.
  • Keep checking - After submitting and applying for eVisa keep a track or regularly check the status of your eVisa online.
  • Approval - When your eVisa will get approval , information and confirmation mail will be send to your email id.

Carry your e Visa and passport and after reaching airport,  just show your eVisa at the immigration points.

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Important Documents Required:

  • Scanned Passport Size Photographs
  • Passport - Scanned photo of the cover and bio page of your passport. Just confirm and ensure that you have valid Thailand Passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • Tickets - Return tickets from Ethiopia
  • Online payment - You should have a Debit or Credit card for payment.
  • Medical Reports ( Recommended) -  Vaccination certificate of Hepatitis , yellow fever , Corona Vaccine and rabies.
  • Invitation or business documents ( for business eVisa) - documents to ensure that you are travelling to country for business meetings .

Carry the copy of your passport and e Visa while entering the Ethiopia Airport for immigration . For tourists it is important to show their hotel arrangements and bookings. You can enter Ethiopia through e Visa from Addis Ababa Bole Airport only .

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Time period may varies form 30 to 90 days depends on the type of visa you issued.

Yes , citizens of Thailand are eligible an can apply for Visa on arrival at the airport.

            Although , it is recommended to take hepatitis vaccination but it is not mandatory.

      No , if you have misinformed in Application anywhere then you can contact via for correction.

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