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Few visitors and foreigners can apply for emergency and expedited visa for Ethiopia. An expedited visa means obtaining an Ethiopian visa in a fast and secure. The emergency visa for Ethiopian visa is mostly obtained for emergency or immediate travel to Ethiopia. Foreign nationals who are try traveling Ethiopia are required to first obtain an Ethiopian visa to enter the country. Sometimes, it may happen that the applicant does not have enough time to go to Embassy and apply for the normal visa. Because it may take a lot of time. Applying for an expedited visa is one of the best ways to escape this kind of situation.

The applicant who wants to expedite the visa can apply for an Ethiopian visa by scheduling an emergency meeting. The valid reasons may be due to:

  • The applicant wants to visit Ethiopia for medical treatment or a medical emergency.
  • The applicant requesting to expedite their Ethiopian visa to meet and attend family member who needs emergency medical treatment.
  • Family emergency- which may be the death or illness of a family member.
  • You lost your Ethiopian visa.
  • Your Ethiopian visa is stolen.
  • Business reasons

The processing time of your Ethiopian visa can be expedited, which can be done in hours or it may also take some days. The processing time of your request for an Expedited visa depends upon the consulate. It also depends upon the reason and the visa type. 


The process to sent a request for expediting your Ethiopia visa

  • Submitting Ethiopia visa Application form.
  • Fill the visa application form for an Ethiopian visa.
  • Submit the application form of the Ethiopian visa for processing with all the documents. 
  • You have to send the application or request to the consulate through the mail. And sometimes they may ask you to do it in person. The request for expediting visa for Ethiopia can be done from the immigration department of Ethiopia.
  • After three or four days you will get the message or mail whether your request for Expediting visa for Ethiopia is approved or denied.
  • After approval, you will be provided with extra additional about the interview.
  • If the authority rejected your request then you will have to attend the regular appointment.
  • For the interview, you must. Have documents that you have a valid reason for an emergency meeting.
  • If the reason for your expedited visa is not genuine. Then, they will ask you to come for the regular meeting.
  • The applicants applying for an expedited visa must have all the documents and should follow the application procedures as same as the normal applicant.
  • Only the difference is the authority will try to expedite the process of your Ethiopian visa.


Important documents needed for expediting the Ethiopian visa:

The applicants should make sure that they fulfill all the requirements that are almost the same as the Requirements needed for a normal application form.

  • Visa application form- Complete the visa application form of an Ethiopian visa, you can apply visa of your choice which may be a Tourist Visa, business visa, etc. You can apply for a tourist visa if you are traveling to Ethiopia on Tourist Visa Online. Applying for an Ethiopian visa online is preferred by many applicants. Because it is an easy and fast process. And most applicant often receives their visa on time.
  • Passport-  Applicants should attach their country passport. A passport must fulfill important requirements like it should be valid, it should be original, and it should have one or two blank pages for markings. If your passport is invalid, damage, and too old then you may not get approval for an Expedited visa.
  • Photo - Applicants' photos must fill the requirements for an Ethiopian visa. The photo must not be too old. It is recommended to use a recent passport size photo.
  • Travel document and details - Travel documents will include air flight tickets, hotel bookings or accommodation details, and little information about your tour. 
  • Sufficient funds- for confirming that you will be able to survive and stay in the country.

Make sure that you have attached all the important documents to accelerate your visa process. The documents used are original and valid. The details you provided in the form are not wrong. You have a genuine reason to expedite your visa for Ethiopia. For immediate or urgent business meetings applicants should attach the letter of invitation with the other documents.



Applicants are suggested to contact the embassy for more detailed information. Applicants should follow the above process to obtain an expedited visa for Ethiopia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the applicant provides false reasons or information for expediting their visa. Then,  their application form may be denied and it can also affect your future visa applications.

Yes, it is important to submit the visa application form first for accelerating the visa process.

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