ethiopia visa requirements for angola nationals

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Ethiopia Visa is Required for Angola Nationals. you can Apply Ethiopia Visa for Angola Nationals Online  But, there are a lot of Requirements and different Rules that you need to Fulfill to get an Ethiopia Visa. Are you a Citizen of Angola and what Ethiopian Visa but have many Questions? This article will help you a lot as we will tell each thing in Detail.


  1. Do Angola Nationals need Ethiopia Visa?
  2. Can Angola Nationals get Ethiopia Visa on Arrival?
  3. What are the Mandatory Ethiopia Visa Requirements?
  4. How can Angola Nationals apply for Ethiopia Visa Online?
  5. Why you should visit Ethiopia Once In Life?

Do Angola Nationals need Ethiopia Visa?

The Answer is Yes. Angola Nationals need to apply for Ethiopia Visa Online to visit Ethiopia. Only citizens of Kenya and Djibouti don’t require Ethiopian Visa. Angola Nationals can get Tourist Visa if they visiting for Vacation purposes or any other Non-business purpose. But, if you are visiting Ethiopia for Business or Work Purpose then you need to apply for Ethiopia Business Visa.

Can Angola Nationals get Visa on Arrival?

Yes, Angola Nationals can get Visa on Arrival. They will get a visa only at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Most Importantly one must enter Ethiopia only through Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Entering from some other port is strictly prohibited.

Mandatory Visa Requirements For Angola Nationals:

  • A passport which has the Validity of 6 Months from the Date Of Arrival
  • Passport Size Photo(Recent)
  • Copy of Return Ticket
  • Yellow fever vaccination Certificate
  • Visa Form Duly Filled in
  • Polio vaccine from govt hospital is mandatory

Ethiopia Visa Online(Procedure)

  • Angola Nationals must Fill Online Application Form through the Ethiopian Government Website.
  • In the Application Form, you have to give your Details and Passport Details.
  • All the Information must be Filled with Accuracy. If you fill incorrect or leave anything empty your application will be denied.
  • After Filling the Application Form and fulfilling all the Passport Requirements you will get your Visa on your Email Id.

What is the Processing Time of Ethiopia Visa?

After your documents have been verified you will get Visa in 24 Hours to 72 Hours.

Is Ethiopia Safe To Travel?

Yes, Ethiopia is very safe to travel. Angola Nationals will not face any Discrimination. If you compare with other African Countries it is very safe and there are Most Beautiful Places to visit. Ethiopia has many places that have Rich History and if you are History Lover then definitely you should visit it once. The people here are friendly and also the Food is in a large variety and delicious. Also the food there is very cheap so, you don’t need to worry about Money.

Can we work in Ethiopia Safely?

Yes, you won’t face any Fraud while working with any Company there in Ethiopia. But, one must have a Contractual Agreement with the Company they are working with. Many people come here to work for an NGO, International Organization, or the Ethiopian Government and most of them didn’t face any problem.

Types Of Visa Angola Nationals Can Apply

Angola Nationals can apply for Tourist Visa 30 Days or 90 Days Validity. One can also apply for an Ethiopia Business Visa which has a validity of more than 90 Days. Now, there are 9 Different Types of Business Visa. Now, if you apply for any kind of Business Visa then apart from the Documents Mentioned Above, other Documents are also necessary. Like Offer Letter, Business License, TIN certificate of the employing company, and much more. Different Visas have different requirements that you must fulfil to get your Visa.

Why One Should Visit Ethiopia?

There is not only one but many reasons to visit Ethiopia. Ethiopia is home to Natural Beauty, Archaeological Places and in fact, it is known as the Cradle of Mankind. Because some of the earliest ancestors found buried in the soil. Even the most famous fossils are found in Ethiopia. If you love history then till now you must have decided to visit this place once.

Also if you love Coffee then you must be surprised to know that Coffee was originated from here. People worship Coffee here. Also, Ethiopian food (known as national food) is one of the best found in entire Africa. All the Dishes are extremely Delicious. You can also try Hiking and Ethiopia is home to Different Unusual Animals and Birds! It is home to the oldest Cities and visiting there is a chilling experience.

How can I get Ethiopian Visa Easily?

Have a look at Tourist Visa Online where you will get help in every step. When you apply through Government there is no Assitance provided by the Government. Also while filling the Online Application Form you may have any Difficulty in Submitting the Document or you may not have the Required Document for Ethiopia. In this scenario, you will not know what to do right? Here, Tourist Visa Online will explain everything, and even the Online Application is further Simplified which makes it easy to fill. Here, you will get 24x7 Customer Support. You can even track visa Status online. 

Do you want a visa on Urgent Basis? Through Tourist Visa Online you can get a visa in less than 48 hours. We provide Secure Online Transaction. Everything will be done for you. Tourist Visa Online guarantees that you will get your Visa Easily in less time.


1) Which type of Visa can Angola Nationals Apply?

Ans: Angola Nationals can either Apply for Ethiopia Tourist Visa or Business Visa according to their requirements. Ethiopia Visa Requirements are Passport(Valid for 6 Months).

2) What is Ethiopian Visa?

Ans: Ethiopian Visa is a Necessary Document and one must apply for it if they want to Visit Ethiopia.

3) How can Angola Nationals Enter Ethiopia?

Ans: Angola Nationals can enter Ethiopia only through Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

4) What is the Ethiopia Visa Fee?

Ans: For Tourist Visa with 30 Day Validity the fees are US$52 and for 90 Day Validity it is US$72.

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