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If you want to find out about the entire process of getting an Ethiopia multiple entry tourist visa, this article is the right one for you. It can be a difficult choice to make for the kind of visa you want to get.

For this, there are several choice travel agencies like tourist visa online, who can help you decide. Visitors can also consult a local embassy to get guidance. However, before that, you should read the article below and find out about it yourself.

Ethiopia is a great hidden excursion place to visit as a tourist. This small country is located in the east of Africa, completely covered by land on all sides. The country’s history dates back millions of years and some of those ruins can still be found all over the place.

Tourists can witness fossils, ancient architecture dating back about 3 million years. There are several tombs, obelisks, churches, castles and palaces. 

Visitors can also witness a wealth of natural spectacles such as wildlife, birds, volcanic formations and some of the most beautiful mountainous landscapes. 

If you are someone who just wants to visit their family and friends in the country and sightsee and visit places, then a tourist visa is what you should get.

Find out how to get an Ethiopian multiple entry tourist visas, by reading further below.


About a multiple entry visa

Before you can fill your application for Ethiopia multiple entry tourist visa, it is important to know what exactly makes it different from a single entry visa and how can you choose.

Visitors to come to the country on a single visa can only enter once, spend the designated amount of time and then leave permanently. If they have a reason to visit the country again, they will have to apply for a visa one more time and talk to their travel agencies or consulate again and again.

If you get the Ethiopia multiple entry visas, then you can visit several times, until the visa expires. This is a more suitable option for those people who have a relation to the country such as family to visit or some other tourist project.

Application process

The process to apply for a multiple entry visa for Ethiopia is not very different from the regular visa. You can get both regular as well as an e-visa for the same.

Steps to apply for an e-visa:

  • You can visit the official immigration website or the online application page of tourist visa online.
  • Fill the application form and double-check the details with your documents.
  • Submit the visa fee, online or through your preferred card.
  • Attach the documents.
  • The visa office will email it to you once it is processed in under a week. It usually only takes 24-48 hours.
  • Lastly, before leaving for the airport get the Ethiopia tourist visa printed on paper and bring it with you.



Here is a list of documents that a visitor needs to present during application for the Ethiopia multiple entry tourist visa 

  • A copy of your original passport, which should still have a cover and be valid for the next six months.
  • The application should be filled with the right details.
  • One passport-sized photo, coloured and taken against a white background.
  • Details of the return flight tickets.
  • The exact details of your travel plans as well as overall accommodation bookings.
  • Certificate proving that the visitor has been vaccinated for yellow fever, polio and Covid 19.

The visa application can get rejected if there is even minor trouble with the documents. This is why; it is highly advisable to run these documents through your travel agency or embassy before finally submitting them.

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to visit Ethiopia or any other country the visitors will have to pay different visa fees depending on the kind of entries they choose.

The fees for a multiple entry visa for Ethiopia is $82 and $122 for a three and six-month stay respectively.

Travel websites like tourist visa online, provide tracking services for their customers so that they can know the status of their visa processing.

An e-visa can take from 48 hours to a week for it to get processed by the consulate.

The Ethiopia multiple-entry tourist visas will be valid for six months.


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