Do Omani Need Visa for Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is a land that is blessed by the nature, it remains famous for its natural resources and fossils.

Every travel enthusiast wants to witness the beauty of Ethiopia once in their life. And you are a citizen of Omani looking forward to your trip to Ethiopia, then here is everything you should know about your Ethiopia visa.

Does Omani need Visa for Ethiopia?

Yes, Oman citizens require to apply for an Ethiopian visa in order to enter Ethiopia. This visa will let them travel freely in Ethiopia and let government confirm their identity as well. 

Can Oman citizens apply for Ethiopian e-visa?

Yes, Oman citizens can easily apply for Ethiopian e-visa by sitting in the comfort of their homes. This visa is linked with their passport.

All they need to do is follow this simple procedure

  • Get the online Ethiopia visa application form
  • Fill out the personal details correctly
  • Read the required documents carefully and then attach the right documents.
  • Make sure you have your digital copy of your documents ready with you.
  • Review your application for the last time and then proceed to pay the e-visa fee.
  • Once you receive your payment confirmation you can track your visa status.
  • It takes 2-3 days for your e-visa to be processed and to reach you through the email you submitted.

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Types of Ethiopia visas?

Basically, Oman citizens can apply for two types of Ethiopian visas.

One is an Ethiopia Tourist visa which is solely for travel purposes and is valid for 30 days. This further has two subcategories, one is a Single entry visa, which allows one-time entry in Ethiopia.

Another one is the Ethiopia business visa, this visa allows you to carry work or business-related activities in Ethiopia for 30 days.

Ethiopia visa Requirements for Omanis

Oman citizens require the following documents and information while applying for an Ethiopian visa.

Personal Details

  • Nationality
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

Passport Details

  • Passport Number
  • Passport date of issue
  • Passport expiry date


  • Digital scan of Passport
  • Digital scan copy of Passport bio page
  • Coloured Passport size pictures
  • Confirmed Flight tickets
  • Proof of Stay
  • Valid email address
  • Active Credit/debit card for payment

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Can Oman Citizens get Visa on Arrival?

Oman nationals are not eligible for Ethiopian visas on arrival as they do not belong to the list of visa-free countries.

Nevertheless, e-visa is more convenient and easier in comparison to Ethiopia visa on arrival.

Ethiopia visa Policy

  • Visa policy of Ethiopia, Oman applicants should be aware of:
  • It is mandatory for foreign nationals to own an Ethiopian visa to enter the country.
  • The Visa type and requirements of Ethiopia vary based on Travel purposes.
  • Only the citizens of Kenya and Doujiti are visa-free countries in Etiopia, who are allowed to travel Ethiopia for a fixed period without a visa.
  • Select the correct visa type based on your purpose of travel.
  • If you wish to stay longer than the given period in your visa, make sure you apply for a visa extension before your visa expires.
  • Those who are not eligible for e-visa, are required to apply for their travel visa through the Embassy.

What vaccinations do I require before travelling to Ethiopia?

The following vaccines are recommended by WHO to tourists travelling to Ethiopia:

  • Hepatitis A Vaccination
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • Typhoid Vaccination
  • Yellow fever Vaccination
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Meningitis Vaccination
  • Polio Vaccination
  • Measles Vaccination
  • Mumps Vaccination
  • Rubella (MMR) Vaccination

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Is the Covid vaccine needed for a trip to Ethiopia?

Yes, Oman citizen or not, it is mandatory for each traveller to get fully vaccinated against Covid.

The travellers will be further subjected to some basic temperature checks when they arrive in Ethiopia.

Visa On Arrival

Only Hongkong and Taiwan citizens require to obtain Ethiopian visas on arrival in the entry port of Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

These nationals need to visit the embassy with required documents and fill the application correctly, then they can easily avail their visa.

Besides these nations, around 200 countries are eligible for Ethiopian e-visa which is much easier to apply and helps you avoid long lines in front of the embassy.

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In conclusion

Applying for an Ethiopian e-visa is convenient and a simple option.

If you want to make this process go more smoothly, simply notify Tourist Visa online.

The team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your questions, and you can conveniently fill out your visa application there. After you've made the to foreign nationals must requisite payment, all you have to do now is sit back and wait for your e-visa to be verified and delivered to you within 2-3 days.

Apply Ethiopia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Ethiopian Birr is the official currency of Ethiopia, however, the dollars are widely accepted and easily exchanged in Ethiopia.

Yes, your Ethiopia e-visa can be rejected if the authorities find it fit to do so. However, you can remain assured as visas issued through Tourist visas online are rarely ever rejected.

No, applicants don’t get a refund if their Ethiopia visa is rejected.

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