Ireland Visa Online For Egypt Nationals

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The Citizens of Egypt are not eligible for Visa-Free entry to Ireland. Also, they cannot get the Visa On Arrival service. The Visa Policy states that without the visa one cannot travel to Ireland. Hence, the visa is a mandatory requirement for the Egypt Nationals. Fortunately, they can apply for the e-Visa. The e-Visa is a great service through which you can apply for a visa online through Touristvisaonline. No need to visit the Embassy. The entire process of applying for the e-Visa is completely online. If you are thinking to Apply for the Ireland Visa then read this article. As we will discuss Ireland Visa For Egypt Nationals in detail.


  • What is e-Visa?
  • How Many Types of Ireland Visas are there?
  • Is Ireland Safe For The Citizens Of Egypt?
  • How To Apply For The Ireland Visa Online Without Any Complications?

Ireland Visa For Egypt Nationals:

What is e-Visa?

The e-Visa is an electronic visa through which you can travel to Ireland. Unless the traditional visa application process where you have to visit the Embassy and submit all the documents the e-Visa process is quite simple. You need to fill an Ireland Visa Application Form. In the form, you need to submit all the documents asked. You need to provide scanned documents that are visible. Unclear documents will lead to visa rejection. After that, you need to make the visa payment online. Your visa application then is sent for verification. If everything is correct in your application you will receive the visa via mail.

How Many Types of Ireland Visas are there?

You can apply for the visa depending upon your purpose of visit to Ireland. There are Short-Stay and Long-Stay Ireland Visas. The validity and requirements of each visa are different. There are 12 Short-Stay Visas and 8 Long-Stay Visas. You can apply for Single-Entry or Multiple-Entry Visa according to your Nationality. If you are transiting through Ireland to the third destination then you can apply for the Transit Visa. Citizens of Egypt can also apply for the Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa. Most Importantly with the tourist visa, you cannot work under any organization(both paid and unpaid). 

Is Ireland Safe For The Citizens Of Egypt?

Yes, Ireland is very safe for the Egypt Nationals. More than 10 million international tourists come to Ireland every year. Very few crime complaints were registered by the tourists. You would be happy to know that it has been ranked 27th out of 140 nations in the safety and security sector. It is a peaceful country. The locals are also very friendly. But, you need to watch out for big crowds (i.e. pickpocket) and avoid walking alone at night. Female travelers are also very safe. But, you always need to stay alert. Avoid talking to a group of people at night and avoid heavy drinking, and taking drugs. But, believe me, it is very safe and you will make beautiful memories.

How To Apply For The Ireland Visa Online Without Any Complications?

Tourist Visa Online( provides the e-Visa with less paperwork and easy documentation. We provide 24x7 Customer Support. You can ask any questions anytime you want and we will provide you immediate assistance. We have an experienced team of visa experts who checks all your visa documents. If there is any mistake in your form then it will get corrected by our team. Our team will make sure that your application does not get rejected. Tourist Visa Online provides secure online transactions and provides multiple payment options. Through us, you can easily track your visa status online. If you want a visa on an urgent basis then we can provide a visa in less than 48 hours. Our team we give you all the necessary visa information. We provide accurate and updated visa information. 


Q. What is the validity and processing time of the Tourist Visa?

The tourist visa allows the Citizens of Egypt to travel to Ireland for 90 Days. The processing time is 20 - 25 Days.

Q. What is the Visa Fee of both the Single-Entry and Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa?

Tourist Visa Online provides visa at economical prices. The Visa Fee for the Single-Entry visa is 91.0 USD and for the Multiple-Entry visa is 135.0 USD.

Q. What are the different types of visas in Ireland?

There are Short-Stay and Long-Stay Ireland Visas. Total there are 12 Short-Stay Visas and 8 Long-Stay Visas. The validity and requirements of each visa are different.

Q. Is there any Ireland Work Visa?

Yes, you can apply for the Iceland work visa if you want to visit Ireland for business purposes.

Q. According to the Ireland Visa Policy can Egyptian visit Ireland without a visa?

No, Citizens of Egypt cannot visit Ireland without a visa. Ireland Visa For Egypt Nationals is a mandatory requirement. They need to apply for the visa before arriving in Ireland.

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