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 As we all want to do adventures in our life, we must visit Kenya at least once in our life. We can think of a vacation in Kenya. Kenya is also that perfect tourist spot where we can go on an adventure. Kenya is actually famous for its landscapes and its nature and its beauty Kenya is also known for its rich diversity of wildlife. Kenya always tops the list when it comes for the perfect tourist spot as it also has an ancient culture and many beautiful buildings that all the tourists can enjoy. After hearing about the beauty of Kenya you must be thinking about visiting Kenya but you might have more questions in your mind that where to get a visa or how to apply for a visa and how long is the process, here Tourist visa online helps you and provides you with all sorts of information.

Why is Kenya a favorite destination spot?

On a travel list Kenya has to be on the top because it has diverse and rich wildlife which many tourists are attracted to and there are also beautiful landscapes and scenery. Even a tourist can go for an animal safari in Kenya and can also enjoy other thrilling activities and make their vacation in Kenya a more memorable one. Masai Mara is one of the famous parks of Kenya that everyone should visit because of its magnificent beauty. The mountains and the national parks of Kenya will draw more tourists towards it. Even you will get delicious food dishes that you will never want to miss once you visit Kenya.

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What is a tourist visa?

A tourist visa is issued to only those who are planning to spend the holidays or vacation with their friends or family or relatives who are staying in Kenya or to those tourists who want to tour and visit and see the beauty of Kenya. You can apply for an evisa for Kenya online itself and it is more time-saving rather than going to the embassy and standing in the line for long hours. Even if you apply for a visa in the embassy of Kenya then it might cost more. Tourist visa online makes it easier to apply on their site and tells you and gives you the detail information about how to apply for a visa for Kenya and there are no other extra charges except the service charges that is required for applying for the visa.

Multiple Entry Visa

Documents Required

  • The person applying for the visa of Kenya should have their return ticket.
  • The person applying for the visa should have a passport that has a validity of six months.
  • The person applying for the visa should have sufficient bank balance in order to pay for the visa and clear all the payments to be done.
  • Two copies of photographs of the applicant are needed. The photographs should be 80% of face coverage showing the years clearly and there should be no hat or spectacles seen on the photograph.
  • The person who is applying for the visa of for Kenya should show their hotel bookings or the place where they will reside in Kenya.

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Fees for applying for the Visa

The fee that is required for processing and for applying for of visa for Kenya is dollar 101 USD. One can pay via credit card or debit card or any other online payment methods Provided the payment methods are legal and trustworthy

Validity of the multiple Entry Visa

A multiple entry visa for Kenya is valid only up to 3 to 12 months including the date of issuance of the visa.

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Attachments that are required for applying for multiple Entry Visa for Kenya

There are some attachments that are to be added while applying for a visa for Kenya.

  1. For Business, there is a need of a copy of the cover letter from the institution or the company and also the registration of the company.
  2. For family visits there is a need of the proof of the residence and also a proof of the identity card or the passport of the person who will be traveling to Kenya.
  3. And for tourism the person needs to show their hotel bookings and their travel itinerary and the travel plan or tour guide.
  4. And if it is for documents then a clear bio data photograph is needed Along with a clear photograph of the person who is applying for the visa to Kenya

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