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If you have thought about traveling to Myanmar then you will probably have to apply for a Myanmar visa and for this filling in of Myanmar visa online application form becomes one of the most important aspects to get a visa. There are times when filling in a simple application form can also pose a problem in getting your visa. This is why you need help from experts when you apply for a visa as there can be some circumstances where you do not understand what is given on the form and how to fill them up. Be it in any language you want, Tourist visa online is always here to serve you the best information for filling up of the form possibly available. 


Q. Is Myanmar visa a compulsion for all of the foreigners?

As of now, all of the foreigners need not get a visa to Myanmar. There are only some who need to get this visa as per the Myanmar visa policy guidelines to travel to Myanmar. Those who come under the list of Myanmar visa-free countries need not apply for a visa to Myanmar as they can travel without a visa and stay for a certain limit of days as mentioned for each country. 

Q. So what is the use of an application form?

When you need a visa it becomes quite necessary to get all of the detailed information about the applicant which is why filling in an application form becomes necessary. This form will contain all the questions which will be asked for and you will be giving answers to them based on which the information in the visa issued to you will be filled in. 

Q. What are the common questions asked while filling in the Myanmar visa application form?

When you fill in the Myanmar visa application form you will come across a lot of questions such as your passport details which you need to fill in as given on the passport and if the passport details which have been mentioned on the passport itself is wrong then you need to ask for an update of the passport so that you can get easy crosscheck of the information. There are also questions about what dates or what is the duration you will be living in Myanmar for. All of these questions must be answered correctly while filling in the form.

Q. What if there is a mistake made while entering the information on the application form?

If the form has been submitted then the form will probably be rejected which means you won’t be able to get your Myanmar visa. However, if you find out what the mistake is and get it rectified then you can easily submit the form. But you don’t have to worry even if you have submitted the form, all you need to do is get a new form and fill in all of the details carefully to get your visa issued to you! 

Q. Is there a different application form for all of the Myanmar visa types?

While the questions will remain the same no matter which type of visa you select, the information you provide will be quite different in each of the application form. 

Q. Is it necessary that the scan of the documents which are attached to the Myanmar visa application form be of colored copies?

It would be better if you get colored copies of the documents which will help in better identification of the documents as well. You can also provide black and white copies, provided that you do not do it for a scan of photographs. 

Q. Is it possible for me to apply for a group of 15 people on a single Myanmar visa application form

Yes, it is possible for you to apply for as many applicants as you want to apply for with only one Myanmar visa application form, but you need to have all of the documents which are required ready for each of the applicant. 

Q. Is there a fee applicable to the Myanmar visa application form?

No there is no fee for filling in of the Myanmar visa application form; the fee which is mentioned will only be for the issuing of Myanmar visa type that you apply for. 

Q. If I need two different types of Myanmar visa can I include them in the same form itself?

It will not be possible for you to get two visa types on the same form and hence two different applications must be made when you apply for two different visa types.

This concludes why a Myanmar online visa application form is important and you can also get to know how to apply for a Myanmar visa and its steps easily without any trouble as well!

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