how to apply myanmar visa online

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Worries about how to apply Myanmar visa online can often lead to doubt being created in peoples’ minds. But you have nothing to worry about when it is through Tourist Visa Online which you will be applying for a Myanmar visa. This visa application process will be smoothened out for you so that you can finish the entire process within a matter of minutes! This visa application is also not that hard that you will keep on having doubts, but one thing is that asking questions is for free and hence you can do so for no matter how many questions you want. 


Q. Is the visa application process for a Myanmar visa quite hard?

This is what most people think when they start with the application of a Myanmar visa. But the reality is what people don’t seem to understand. A visa is a document that you can easily apply for with just one application form being filled in. 

Q. Is it necessary that the application form must be complete while submitting?

Yes, you should try and fill in all of the blanks which have been mentioned in the application for the better application process. This means that you need to give all of the information that has been asked for. Especially those with the asterisk marks are the ones you can never miss out on. 

Q. How is the entire process of the application being carried out by a foreigner for the application of a Myanmar visa?

A foreigner can follow the below-given steps to get an idea of how to complete the Myanmar visa application form! The steps can be given as follows:

  1. Select the nationality that you belong to with the help of the list that has been provided.
  2. Once you click on apply for the visa you will be led to a new page where you will be selecting the visa type based on the purpose for which you will be traveling to Myanmar.
  3. Next, you will get the Myanmar visa application form. Here you need to pay utmost attention, as a single mistake and the game is over!
  4. Complete the form and the documents of which you have taken a scan of will be attached for this you will have an option being displayed at the bottom of the form.
  5. Next, pay the fees which have been mentioned for the type of Myanmar visa you have chosen for your visit. 
  6. You will lastly obtain a mail where you will get the details about your application along with the number of the application form. This will help you in the tracking of the visa more easily. 

With this, you will finish off the process of application of a Myanmar visa!

Q. If I am applying for a visa for my husband and me where I need a tourist visa and my husband will need a business visa, will it be okay if I apply for both the visas on the same application form?

Even though an application form allows a lot of applicants to apply on the same form, only those can avail of this opportunity, who will be going to Myanmar on a similar purpose. This means that either both of you will have to take a tourist visa or both of you will have to take a business visa. However, if both of you need a visa which is quite different ones then you will have no other option than to apply for the visas through various application forms. 

Q. What if there is a selection problem when trying to select the visa for Myanmar?

First of all, you must check whether you are eligible to apply for that type of visa which you have chosen and if you are eligible and if still there is a problem that arises with the selection then you need to contact our customer care service box which you can find at the bottom of the page easily. You will get your answers immediately!

Q. Are there documents required for each type of visas differently?

Yes as each type of visa serves a different purpose, you will have to check the visa requirements for each type. You will then be able to apply for each type based on the requirements once you have the whole list!

Q. Will the steps to apply for a Myanmar visa through the embassy take longer than applying for a visa through Tourist visa online?

One thing we can assure is that the visa application process through the embassy is quite difficult than the process which is supplied to you by tourist visa online and hence you can surely trust tourist visa online and go ahead to apply for your visa. 

Hope this article solves your worry about how to apply Myanmar visa online! Any doubts anytime you have the absolute freedom to ask about them!

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