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No matter what trip or for what purpose you travel to another country, one thing you need to be sure of is about the money you need to spend. It can be quite hard to stick to a budget when you have a lot of options being made available to you. Tourist visa online will hence help you decide how to plan your budget more efficiently with the help of a list of the Myanmar visa fees and how they need to be filled in for getting the Myanmar visa more easily. With the help of this article, you can not only get your budget planning done but you will also be done with almost half of the visa process that has to be done to get a visa issued to you!


Q. Is there a fee to be paid for Myanmar visas no matter where the foreigner applies for the visa through?

Yes no matter where you apply for the visa through, you will always have to pay a specific amount which will be mentioned to you while filling in of the form. This can be through an online method or even through an embassy or even when you apply for a visa through a visa on arrival. 

Q. Is the visa fee more costly when a foreigner applies through an online method than through an embassy?

No, the visa fees tend to be much lower with discounts also being available for you when you apply for the visa through an online method. However, when you apply through an embassy not only does it take time for you to get the visa but you will also have quite high charges for getting the visa checked by the experts and for other purposes.

Q. Is it that tourist visa online will give free expert consultation for visa applied through the site?

Yes, apart from getting quite low values of visa fees you will also be able to get free expert consultation without any extra charges being placed. This means you can be assured about your visa application when you do it through tourist visa online.

Q. What are the options that tourist visa online gives for Myanmar visa?

You can have various options depending on the purpose of your visit to Myanmar. It can sometimes be a leisure journey while for other times it can be for some official [purposes and hence you can find a variety of visa options for each purpose. Though the main types of visas those tourist visa online supplies are only tourist visas and business visas. 

Q. What are the price options available for the Myanmar visa applied?

For the Myanmar visa applied by a foreigner, the following options can be chosen:

1. 28 days visa:

This is a tourist visa for Myanmar. This visa will allow foreigners to stay in Myanmar for about 28 days. However, this visa to Myanmar will have a total validity of 90 days. This Myanmar e visa processing time will take about 72 hours to be issued to the customer. This visa will also only provide a single entry which is why this visa is chosen for a one time visit to Myanmar. This visa with the standard processing will cost you 75.0 US dollars along with the service charges which changes with the country being selected.

2. 28 days express visa:

This visa will have the same description but the only difference here will be the price and the processing time. This visa will be delivered to you within 24 hours and hence the cost of the visa will be comparatively higher being 81.0 US dollars per person. This visa will have an additional value of 200.0 US dollars apart from the base fees.

3. 70 days visa:

This is a business visa which will be issued to you within 3 days after the application is done successfully. This visa will cost you 95.0 US dollars. This visa allows a single entry into Myanmar for any business-related purposes. This visa will have a total validity of 90 days with a stay of validity being available for 70 days from entry into Myanmar. There will also be some additional service fees for the processing of the visa for more efficiency in delivery.

4. 70 days express visa:

This visa will also be a business visa with the above-given description. In this type, the visa will be processed much faster than the previous one. This visa will require an additional payment of 200.0 US dollars as the service fee. 

Q. Why has my visa not been delivered even after three days when it was said that it will be delivered to me within three days of time?

There are possibilities of delay in visa processing as some of the circumstances might not be quite favorable while processing of the visa is done. This is what leads to a delay in visa delivery. Please do allow seven days for the delivery to be successfully completed.

That’s all you need to know about the Myanmar visa fees and how to pay them!

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