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If you're a Malaysian who wants to visit Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia's eVisa application for a Saudi visa has been much faster and easier on 27 September 2019.

With the implementation of an electronic tourism visa, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to travellers from all over the world. The Saudi eVisa is available for visitors, including people in Malaysia, from almost 50 countries. The device enables Malaysian people to conveniently access a Saudi Arabia eVisa before travelling from the comfort of their own homes.

The Malaysian Saudi eVisa can be obtained by simply submitting an online application and is valid for one year from the issue date. Continue reading to determine what documents and conditions you would need to register for a Saudi Arabia Visa For Malaysian Citizens.

In addition to the mandatory visa-linked insurance policy, the Saudi Arabia eVisa for Malaysian people is issued. Once eVisa has been accepted and released, the government chooses the Required Medical Insurance Policy Provider randomly. The applicant is sent both eVisa and policy via email.

Documents Required for Saudi Arabia Visa for Malaysian Citizens

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires a valid Saudi eVisa to be obtained by all holders of the Malaysian Passport before travelling in the country for a limited stay of up to 90 days. Malaysia's long-time tourists have various choices, from business visas to diplomatic or religious visas.

Saudi Arabian's electronic visa system enables Malaysian people to receive a tourist visa online just minutes before completing an application. Saudi Arabia eVisa has a faster time than other forms of permission than the region, making it the easiest way to get a country visa. Likewise, passengers do not need to go through an interview or visit an embassy for a visa as it is an electronic document that is sent via e-mail.

The visa requirements for Malaysian citizens for Saudi Arabia are easy to follow, and there is little paperwork needed for the simple procedure. You must have the following documents ready before you apply for a Saudi Arabia eVisa:

  • A Malaysian passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the day of entry into the Saudi Kingdom
  • One photograph with a white background in recent passport size. The photo(s) shall be full-face portraits where the candidate directly addresses the camera. Please note: you are not permitted to wear eyelashes or headwear in your photo, except for religious reasons.
  • A visa fee payable at the time of the request

All the necessary information must be given, which includes:

  • Details about personal data (full name, address, date of birth)
  • Details of the Passport (number, expiration date, nationality)
  • Visiting evidence (dates, accommodation)
  • Knowledge about health (for the mandatory medical insurance cover)

To obtain the latest details in order to apply for a travel authorization in Saudi Arabia, please make sure you read the full visa requirements for Malaysian citizens.

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How to Apply for a Saudi Arabian Visa from Malaysia?

To get a visa from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia, the online application form needs simply to be completed. Before starting the procedure, please ensure that you have collected the necessary paperwork.

It takes just a few minutes for Saudi Arabia to complete the visa application and necessary information such as passport data (number and expiration date), personal data (name, address, birth date) and basic travel itinerary are to be included (accommodation address in Saudi Arabia).

Users will need to wait for the eVisa approval from 24 up to 72 hours after the form has been completed and payment is submitted. High request or additional paperwork may delay reply, but travellers will receive an eVisa once processed at the e-mail address in the form given.

When in Saudi Arabia, you'll be asked to request a copy of the Saudi Arabia eVisa e-mailed to you and to submit your Malaysian Passport. They will search you in the system after the records have been passed on to the border protection officer, and you will be allowed to continue your visit.

You will be beginning your visa application today if you've dreamt about the sandy dunes or coral houses of Jeddah before you get your visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Malaysian Citizens require a visa to enter Saudia Arabia?

 In order to enter the country successfully, Malaysian people visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism need a Saudi eVisa.

Without a valid visa, tourists are not allowed into Saudi Arabia. If you want to go tourism or obtain a proper visa from a local Saudi Embassy or Consulate in order to take up a job in the country or become a citizen, you must either acquire an eVisa online.

Since September 2019 the eVisa has been available, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened for the first year ever to international tourism.

So get your Saudi Arabia Visa For Malaysian Citizens and enjoy a beautiful trip to Saudi Arabia.

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