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Hey, are you looking for the process to apply Sri Lanka visa? Well, we have explained the whole process of applying for a Sri Lanka visa online. So you can read the below article to make your visa application process more simple and organized. The process to apply for a Sri Lanka visa is similar to the nationals of every country. 

We will be delighted to see our customers stress-free by learning the easy process to apply for a Sri Lanka visa. If you want to know more about the Sri Lanka visa policy so that you can have a complete understanding before visiting Sri Lanka. 

Well, we would recommend you to have Prior knowledge of Sri Lanka visa types so that you can apply for the best suitable visa as per your Situation. To learn about Sri Lanka visa types

If you are applying for a Sri Lanka visa for the very first time then you need to have a look at every step very carefully but if you have already visited Sri Lanka many times then you can directly follow to step number 3.




The process to apply for Sri Lanka visa

The first step in the process of applying for a Sri Lanka visa is to have a better understanding of Sri Lanka visa policy to avoid any inconvenience in the process of visa. This step is very crucial because in this step you will learn whether you are eligible to apply for a Sri Lanka visa or not. 

You will also come to know which visa you should apply for like Visa on arrival, non-ordinary visa, and ETA Visa. You'll also come to know if you can enter Sri Lanka without a Visa. 

After gaining prior knowledge about Sri Lanka visa policy you can move towards the next step.

To know which visa is best suitable for your visit 

Before visiting Sri Lanka you have to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa but that's not possible without having enough knowledge about the Sri Lanka visa types. This step is very important because here you come to know about different visa types you can apply for.

You will also come to know which visa you should apply for if you are visiting Sri Lanka for tourism purposes, business meetings, medical treatment, for training or conferences, for pursuing your studies, or for working. 

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The next step in the process of applying for a Sri Lanka visa is visiting our website

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Choose your nationality/citizenship of 

  • After you have been successfully logged into a website you can choose your nationality which means you have to choose the nation you belong to or you have the citizenship of. You have been successful in your nationality you can move to the next step. 
  • You can search for your country without any hassle because we have the Exclusive list of the countries that you will not find on any other website. 

Choose the country where you are living 

Now you have to choose the country where you have been residing currently. We request you to fill all the details with authenticity so that we can process your visa as soon as possible.

Choose the country where you want to visit/ visa for

  • In this step, you have to choose the country you want to visit from an exclusive list of the countries provided by us.
  • After selecting your nationality, the country you are living in, and the country you want to visit.  Click the apply button to follow the further procedure.

Choose the type of visa you want to apply for

  • Now in this step, you will know why we suggested you have complete knowledge about the types of visas. If you have read about the types of visa then that's great you will not find any confusion in selecting the type of visa but if you find difficulty in choosing the type of visa you can read about the types of visa again.
  • In this step, you have to select the type of visa you prefer to visit Sri Lanka as per your work. It's upon you which visa you select for but be careful while selecting the type of visa. 
  • We treat our customers as our king and provide complete transparency about the cost of a visa so, that you are not surprised later on after completing the process of visa application. 

Here you will find all the details regarding 

  • Type of visa
  • Number of entry 
  • Visa validity
  • Stay validity
  • Sri Lanka eta Processing time
  • Sri Lanka Visa fees 
  • Service fee

Fill your Sri Lanka Visa Application Form

Now is the time to fill the application for the Sri Lanka visa. Don't worry about your personal information, we keep your information safe and secure. All the information that you enter is SSL encrypted. 

In this form, you have to fill three types of details.

Personal details

In which you have to fill the personal details which include your name, surname, father name, mother name, date of birth, national ID number, gender, marital status, your email ID, alternate email ID, mobile dial code, mobile number, WhatsApp Dial code, WhatsApp number/ alternative number, profession, education.  

Passport and travel information

  • It is compulsory to fill all the details with your best knowledge without any mistake.
  • Passport and travel information includes details like passport number, passport-type, Passport date of issue, Passport date of expiry, date of arrival, and date of departure.
  • It means that before applying for your visa you have to book your airline tickets To Sri Lanka. 

Permanent address

  • In this column, you have to fail all the details regarding your address in the country you reside in like OK your city, state, country, and postal code.
  • Make sure you fill the details regarding the country you have citizenship of.

Upload your documents

  • In this step, you have to upload your documents Like OK your passport in the file format of PNG, JPG, JPG, and PDF. 
  • You also have to upload your latest Passport size photograph to know about the specifications click here.
  • If you have booked your flight tickets then upload your flight ticket also.
  • Also, attach the proof regarding the hotel you are staying in.

Submit and proceed to pay

This is the final stage of the process. In this stage, you have to pay the fee which includes both government fees and service fees. You can pay through internet banking and a credit card or debit card. After you have successfully paid the fees you can now relax and wait until our team responds to your application.



Leave your stress upon us we will be working for you. There is no need to worry regarding your details as a website is encrypted and your data is safe with us. As of now, you have successfully applied for a Sri Lanka visa you can start your packing and relax as your details are in the safe hands. Our team will respond to your application as soon as possible. If you have not applied yet for Sri Lanka visa then apply for a Sri Lanka visa now. 

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