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If you have already drafted your plans to Travel Sri Lanka we would be pleased to help you. Want to know about Sri Lanka Visa Requirements. We know that it's difficult for you to arrange all the documents after you have already started filling your application form. So we have written this article just for you so that you can be well informed before you apply for Sri Lanka Visa


After reading this article you will come to know which documents are particularly required to apply for Sri Lanka visa and have different types of Sri Lanka visa. In this article we would be mentioning Visa requirements for. 

  • Transit Visa of Sri Lanka.

  • Business Visa of Sri Lanka.

  • Tourist visa of Sri Lanka. 

So we can say that we have the solution to all your problems even if you're applying for any kind of visa. We know that it's really difficult for you to do all the things at the same time but if you're prepared with all the documents in hand you just have to fill your application form with the accurate details and there you go.  

Requirements for Sri Lanka Visa

If you are traveling Sri Lanka for your business purpose or tourist purpose or you have a transit flight to any other country through Sri Lanka then you have to apply for Sri Lanka ETA Visa (electronic travel authorization) this means that you can get a Visa through online services without visiting the embassy manually. This will reduce your time of getting a Visa and you can save your efforts as well. 


So be with us and read the article carefully to know about the visa requirements of Sri Lanka.

  • The first and the most important document that is must if you're traveling to Sri Lanka is your passport. It is very essential to have your passport valid for 6 months. If you don't have one then what are you waiting for? Apply now for the renewal of your passport immediately. 

Coming on the step to you have to make your passport size photographs ready with the specification of  

  • White background

  •  4*4 Size

  •  Partial smile

  •  Your face should not be covered with your hair.

  •  Avoid any unusual thing in the background 

  • Step number three is very crucial as you have to book a hotel room if you plan to stay in a hotel. As immigration officers always require an address of the place you're going to stay in Sri Lanka.

  • It is also very important to book your round flight tickets before your arrival because most of the time immigration officers want to make sure when you're leaving the country.

  • It is one of the initial and the most important documents when you're traveling to Sri Lanka. You are a veritable decide that you should be financially stable and have a good bank balance when traveling to another country to assure your living Sri Lanka. So you should have a bank statement of the past 6 months when you applied for a Sri Lanka Visa online.

  • A Valid email of yours is required as we have to send your E-Visa in your mail. So you should have a mail that is valid and is secure.

  • Last but not least, the document that is required is your debit or credit card to make the online payment. There are no physical means of doing the payment is only an option of online payment so be ready via credit or debit card but if you don't have one you can buy using internet banking services or PayPal.

Now the final step is to fill your application form. When should we do a video application form? You can finally submit your application form along with the VISA fees.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Check how to apply the Sri Lanka visa online?

A. To know how to fill the application form and which details are required by filling your application form you can read another article in which we have explained in detail all the details required. We would recommend you to go through the article before filling the online application form so that you can be ready with all your documents that are required while filling your application form and check how to apply Sri Lanka visa online.

Q. How to track Sri Lanka visa status online?

A. We are well aware of your concern and that's the reason we provide you with the facility how to track Sri Lanka Visa status online on a website. It is not at all difficult to track your Sri Lanka visa status now with a tourist Visa online.

Q. Who can I know that I'm eligible to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa?

A. Well it is not any more difficult to check your eligibility criteria before applying for a Sri Lanka Visa. you can easily check your eligibility apply for Sri Lanka Visa now if you have a look at the Sri Lanka Visa policy in which the different subheadings like visa on arrival, visa-free countries, Visa-exempt countries & E-visa under which you will find a list of the countries where you can Check the name of your country.

Q. Can I use my old photograph for the Sri Lanka Visa?

A. No you have to use the latest photograph when applying for a Sri Lanka Visa online so that you can easily be recognized by the immigration officers at the port. 


Tourist Visa online aims to provide the best visas to their customers. We have given our best efforts to provide you with all the requirements to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa.  Now you can easily get to know about the requirements for a Sri Lanka Visa. We have made your task even easier by providing you with the links to the topics. You should know before applying for a Sri Lanka Visa online.

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