how to track sri lanka visa status online

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If You Applied for Sri Lanka Visa then you can Track Sri Lanka Visa Status Online as Touristvisaonline provides you the facility of "Track Visa Status" which keeps you updated about everything Related To Your Visa. find How to Track Sri Lanka Visa Status online Step by step Guide. Whenever you buy something online you always have a feeling of uncertainty and doubt in your mind regarding the product or service.

  • How to track Sri Lanka visa online?
  • Whether the visa or the service you are paying for is authentic?
  • Can you get your visa or service on time? 



  • If you don't get the response for so long then you start thinking that it was the waste of money. Isn't it? 
  • We understand your feeling of uncertainty and doubt regarding any service provided online.
  • We care for our customers and that's why we believe in complete transparency of your Visa processing status. So there is satisfactory news for all of you.
  • Now you can track your Sri Lanka Visa status online. We have a trouble-free way for you to track your Visa status.
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  • Then be with us and continues reading this article for detailed information. 

Steps to Track your Sri Lanka Visa status

Once you're done by submitting your application form online, now you may be looking to track for Sri Lanka Visa status. It is natural for you to think about how I can track Sri Lanka Visa status. You're even more eager to know if you have applied for the slow processing of Sri Lanka Visa. Isn't it? 

An Application ID is generated for you.

Once you have successfully enrolled yourself for a Sri Lanka Visa and have transferred the fee. Tourist Visa online automatically generates an Application ID for you so that you can easily have access to your Visa status. 

  • To Track your visa processing status you have to log in using your application ID and passport number.
  • If you find difficulty searching for the application number you simply need to review your application where you will get all the information that is required.

If you find it tricky to handle your account then read the below lines carefully 

If you are facing the problem like 

  • Unable to login 
  • Difficulty in finding the application ID
  • Unable to find from where to log in

 Then we have another solution for you. When you have successfully applied for your Sri Lanka visa you receive a confirmation mail from a tourist visa online. The mail you will receive for confirmation you will find a link in that mail that will redirect you to the page where you can directly access or track your Sri Lanka visa status. 

When you have successfully redirected to the page you can create a solid password that is easy to remember for you. Now you can use your account easily to check your visa status anytime.


Frequently asked questions

Q. From where can I get my Sri Lanka ETA?

A. You will get your Sri Lanka ETA through the email you have registered in your application form. 

Q. If I access my Sri Lanka visa status does it have any effect on my Sri Lanka ETA?

A. No, any activity related to tracking your visa status does not affect your Sri Lanka ETA. You will get your Sri Lanka ETA through email only regardless of the fact you track your visa status or not. 

Q. If I apply for a Sri Lanka ETA visa again in the future, do I have to submit all the documents again?

A. Tourist visas online keep records of the personal information and travel history of each customer who has previously applied for Sri Lanka ETA so there is no need to submit your documents again. In case your passport is expired then we would be asking you for your documents again. 

Q. Can we track Sri Lanka visa status online through my passport number?

A. Yes, you can track your Sri Lanka visa status through our website or you can call the higher authorities of Sri Lanka who handle this kind of work they will ask you for the acknowledge number to know your Sri Lanka visa status.

Q. What is the procedure for applying for a Sri Lanka visa?

A. We have explained a detailed process for apply Sri Lanka visa online



The main goal of tourist visas online is to make the process of visa application effortless so that our customers do not face any problem and feel stressed. To solve the question of yours how to track Sri Lanka visa status online? We have designed a straightforward way through which you can track the status of your visa anytime. We want our customers to lighten the workload that is why we provide you with the facility to check and track your visa processing status.

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