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Check out the Sri Lanka visa types and the document requirements for those visas as there are different types of Sri Lanka visas for different purposes which you need to know before traveling to Sri Lanka. every type of visa has its own documents requirements. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful island nations. Even a small glimpse of Sri Lanka makes you feel mesmerized. Want to see these amazing places by your naked eyes than you should get Sri Lanka visa. Sri Lanka has been surrounded by the beautiful blue Indian oceans which is a major source of tourism. 


  • Sri Lanka is a diverse landscape that includes beautiful Sand beaches, tropical green forests, and arid plains. Sri Lanka is an amazing place to visit. Sri Lanka is also known as a Paradise for nature and animal lovers. 
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Types of visa for Sri Lanka

Tourist visa: 

The tourist visa of Sri Lanka is issued to foreign nationals for traveling around the country. If you want to visit Sri Lanka with family and friends then also you can apply for a tourist visa to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka ETA tourist visa will allow you to stay up to 30 days. With this visa, you can enter Sri Lanka twice. If you change your plans to stay for a longer time in Sri Lanka then you can apply for renewing your tourist visa. But make sure you follow the strict rules of tourist visas like using the visa only for travel purposes. 

Important things to be kept in mind 

  • While you are in Sri Lanka with a tourist cannot do any other activities related to business, education, or medical treatment. For all these activities you have to take a separate visa.  


Business visa:

A business visa for Sri Lanka is issued to the foreign Nationals who wish to travel Sri Lanka for business work. The business visa of Sri Lanka is also issued to the expert Consultants, specialists, and executives of the firm who visit Sri Lanka often for their business or professional work. Sri Lanka ETA business visa allows you to stay up to 30 days. Visa permits you to enter and leave Malaysia for multiple times in the period of 30 minutes.

Important things to be kept in mind

  • If you're planning to start work in Sri Lanka you should apply for your work permit before you start working in Sri Lanka because it will be considered illegal.

  • A business visa is not issued to those individuals who are running or are the owner of a small business or a small trade.


Transit Visa: 

Transit Visa of Sri Lanka is issued to the foreign nationals who have a transit flight from Sri Lanka which means that it is issued only for one purpose that is to reach the final destination. Transit Visa is generally used when you have a stopover in Sri Lanka airport for changing your flight. This can also be used to meet your family and friends for some time.

There are two types of Transit Visa.

  • Transit Visa for 7 days (96 hours) with a single entry.
  • Transit Visa for 2 days (48 hours) with a single entry.

Important point to be kept in mind

  • Don't be confused between your Transit Visa validity and for the time it can be used both are different things.  
  • You will not require a Transit Visa if you have a direct flight towards your destination and you don't have to change the flight. 


Student visa:

A student visa is issued in the following cases to the foreign nationals: 

  • Foreign nationals who desire to study in Sri Lanka.
  • Foreign nationals who enter the country to attend any specific seminar or project related to studies. 
  • A foreign national who enters the country to undergo training or internship.

Important points to be kept in mind

  • The validity of student visa is only for the time period of the Registered coursing whether it is full time or a regular course. 
  •  An individual who has applied for a student visa or holding a student visa cannot apply for a tourist visa or business visa for entering the country
  •  If a foreign national who has applied for the student visa is under the age of 16 can also apply for Guardians or parents to stay along with them in the country.
  • An entry visa is not issued to the foreign nationals unless it is approved by the immigration department in Columbia, Sri Lanka.


Employment visa:

Employment visa is issued to the foreign nationals who are highly qualified and have some special skills that can be acquired in the development of the country. Employment visas are issued only to nationals who are in a higher position like managerial / executive. This type of visa is easily issued to the national level sports trainer, language teachers, ethnic chef, etc.

Important points to be kept in mind

  • An employment visa is not issued to the general public for regular or routine work.
  • An employment visa cannot be converted into any other kind of visa.
  • Before you enter Sri Lanka you must have an entry visa for traveling.


Marriage visa or Spouses visa: 

The marriage visa of Sri Lanka is issued to the foreign nationals who have married a citizen of Sri Lanka. With this visa, an individual can stay in a country for 1 year from the date of arrival or entry. If you want to renew your visa after the expiry date there is no need to leave the country you can apply for the renewed pizza from the country itself.


Medical visa:

A medical visa of Sri Lanka is issued to those individuals for foreign nationals who want to visit Sri Lanka for medical treatment. An individual is eligible for a medical visa only when he has proper documentation required for a medical visa like appointment proof with a doctor for a reputed Hospital. Foreign nationals who want to enter Sri Lanka for medical treatment cannot enter on a tourist visa; they have to apply for a medical visa only.


Permanent residence visa: 

A permanent residence visa is issued to the foreign nationals who have been staying in Sri Lanka for more than 3 years. When the government of Sri Lanka is satisfied with the way of living and the authorities feel that his/her residence will do no harm to the property, or the individuals of Sri Lanka. To obtain the entry visa in Sri Lanka foreign nationalists should enter Sri Lanka entry visa that he/she can obtain online but there is a condition when a foreign national is applying for the permanent residence he must clearly say that he wants to apply for permanent residence. 


Fees for Sri Lanka visa 

The cost of the Sri Lanka visa depends upon the visa you have chosen. 

  • Double Entry tourist visa: 88 USD government fees and 26 USD for service fees.
  • Single entry Transit Visa:  32 USD government fees and 26 USD for the service fee.
  • Double-entry business visa: 93 USD government fees and 26 USD for services. 

Processing time for Sri Lanka ETA visa

  • Double-entry Tourist visa:  the processing time for a double-entry tourist visa is 48 hours after which our team will connect with you if your application has been successfully accepted by the government of Sri Lanka.
  • Double-entry Transit Visa:  The processing time for Sri Lanka Visa transit is 48 hours.
  • Double-entry business visa: date hours are required to process your application further. 


Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I get a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka?

A. If you fall under the visa-exempt countries and hold a valid passport for six months you can show your ETA visa to the immigration officer to obtain your Sri Lanka visa on arrival for 30 days. You can also extend your visa on arrival up to 180 days. 

Q. Which countries do not require a visa for Sri Lanka?

A. If you fall in the list of visa-exempt countries you do not require any visa for traveling to Sri Lanka.  

Q. What do you mean by Visa-exempt country?

A. Visa-exempt countries mean those countries that do not require a visa to travel to another country. You can arrive in the Country and there you will get your visa on arrival from the immigration officer. 



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