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Entering Taiwan is not as easy as you think. To enter you will require a Taiwan visa and getting a visa is a hectic process if you choose to get it from the Embassy. But what if we say that you can get your Taiwan visa by using online services for this you have to fulfill the Taiwan visa requirements. Well, it is quite easy to obtain a visa by using online services as you just have to fill an application form accurately. After which you will be asked to submit a few important documents. Without submitting documents, it is not possible to get a visa. Every country has some security policies as per which it is required to identify each and every individual who wants to enter Taiwan. So are you excited to get your visa then read the below Requirements Which will help you get the visa 

Requirements of Taiwan visa

Passport -  The first and the most important thing for getting a visa is your passport and that too with the validity of six months. But what if your Passport is Not valid for 6 Months then you should apply for the renewal of your passport and get its validity extended. Make sure that you apply for the Renewal of your passport before you submit your documents for visa processing.

Passport Size of Photograph -  You are also required to give your latest passport size photograph which should follow some specifications like:

  • Size should be of 4*4
  • Your face should not be covered with hair or any kind of clothes. It should be clearly visible. 
  • The background in your photograph should be white.
  • You should partially smile in the photograph.

Address of the place where you live- If you are going to stay with your friend or relative then you should ask them to give their identity proof and if you are going to stay in the hotel then it is important for you to submit the hotel reservations.   

Proof of your Financial Stability - You are required to submit the proof of your financial stability which can be your bank statement of the previous three to six months. Which will show that you can support your stay in Taiwan without any problem.

A valid email address- You are required to submit a valid email address so that later on we can connect with you and can share your visa on the same email. Along with this, you should also submit your alternate email address so that in case your one email address is not working we can connect with you by using the alternate one. 

Means of payment- As you fill your application form successfully you are required to pay your visa fees online for which it is important that you have a valid credit or debit card. If you don't have a valid debit or credit card then you can pay using internet banking services like PayPal, google pay, etc. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q. How much time will it take to process my Taiwan visa? 

For processing your Taiwan Tourist visa it takes approximately 5-7 business days. If you are in a hurry to get your visa, then You can apply for a rush processing visa if you want it to be processed in 2 to 3 days. But if you want it urgently then you should apply for a super is processing visa which will enable you to get a visa in just one day but make sure that you submit all your documents properly so that the processing of your visa can be done. 

Q. How much does it cost to get a Taiwan visa?

To get a Taiwan visa you have to pay 78 USD as a visa fee along with which you have to pay 26 USD of a service fee which can vary as per your nationality.

Q. What is a Taiwan Visa and why it is so important? 

A Taiwan visa is an important document that is required before you enter the country through any of the ports. This type of document is issued only to those citizens who are eligible to enter the country. 

Q. I have heard about the Taiwan Visa-free policy. Is it true?

Taiwan has good relations with many countries due to which it gives benefits to the few countries to visit Taiwan without getting a visa. To use this facility, you are required to submit a few important documents so that your ID can be verified. But let us tell you that this facility is valid only for a specific period of time. 

Q. How many days can I stay in Taiwan?

If you get a tourist visa for Taiwan u you can stay in the country for a maximum 30 days after which you have to leave the country and if you want to stay, there for more time you have to get a new Visa for yourself. 


It is very important to submit your documents because without documents visas cannot be processed. Here we have mentioned which documents you will require to follow your dreams of visiting Taiwan. If you further require any help feel free to ask us. 

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