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Now with the change in time, a lot of changes are there in the technique to Apply Taiwan visa and the same applies when it comes to Taiwan Visa fees. Why a person would pay more when he/she is getting the same product or services is the same cost.

Who would like to go Embassy and pay more money not just for Visa but they have to pay for their visit also. How many times a person has to visit the Embassy for accomplishing the paperwork. This will cost you more in terms of money and time.

But when it comes to applying for a Taiwan visa application online you don't have to go anywhere and you can apply for a visa from your home. Doesn't this idea excite you? Now you don't have to pay any money for visiting the Embassy. You can simply apply for a visa from your home and now you just have to pay visa fees and service fees for processing your visa. 

There are lots of questions that you have been asking for a long time that we have tried to answer at best in this article. You will come to know about many things that you were unaware of and this will help you to get a visa. We recommend you have a look at the Taiwan visa policy and check which type of visa is required so that you can check the visa fees accordingly to your visa.  

Frequently asked questions 

Q. What is the amount that an individual has to pay for a Taiwan visa as a government fee? 

You have to pay 78 USD as a government fee for getting a Taiwan visa. This fee is fixed and decided by the government of Taiwan.  

Q. Is there any amount of service fees that a person has to pay who wants to visit Taiwan when applying for a tourist visa online? 

You have to pay a service fee if you are applying for your visa from an online service provider. But if you have applied for your tourist visa online then you have to pay 26 USD as a service fee. 

Q. If I have made the mistake by filling the application form for a Taiwan visa. Do I have to pay any money to correct the mistake? 

You have committed a mistake and want to rectify it the same day you don't have to pay any amount of fees because it can be rectified but the mistake that you have committed cannot be rectified if it has been long from the day of the visa application Because your visa is processed in the embassy. 

Q. For which kind of purpose e visa is issued to the visitors to Taiwan?

If a foreign national wants to visit Taiwan for business-related activities for tourism they are issued a business Visa and tourist visa correspondingly. E visa is issued for the conferences and the meetings also. 

Q. Is multiple entry e- visa provided for Taiwan? 

Multiple entry E-visa is not provided for Taiwan. 

Q. Is it Important to enter Taiwan on the same day as specified on the visa?

This is not important for you to enter on the same day as specified if you don't wish to. when you wish to enter the country check that has validity to support your stay. This visa is valid for 30 days in between those 30 days you can enter Taiwan and the minimum entry allowed is a single entry. 

Q. Do I have to get a separate visa for my 3-year-old kid to visit Taiwan?

No, You don't have to get a visa for your 3-year-old kid but the age of your kind is more than 6 years then you have to obtain a separate visa for him.


Each one of you must have a complete understanding of visa policy before applying for any kind of visa because this can help you from choosing the best suitable visa for you to applying for the Visa from the best-recommended service provider. It is very important that whenever you apply for a visa you should check the Taiwan visa fees that you are being asked for. So, no one manipulates you.

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