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Do you know the first step you have to take when applying for a Taiwan visa? Even if you don't know there is nothing to worry about as we are here to assist you. when you are ready to apply for a Taiwan visa application. It is the easiest way to apply for Taiwan visa. You just have to follow a few simple tricks and a simple procedure. The first step to get a Taiwan visa is to check your eligibility criteria by going through the Taiwan visa policy where you will find which countries are eligible to visit Taiwan and what are conditions they have to follow before their visit. Not only this you will also come to know about which period you can stay in the country and which kind of visa will you require for your visit to Taiwan

So you have been asking a lot of questions related to the Taiwan visa policy. We have answered all of your questions related to the Taiwan visa policy below. So be with us and find the answer to your questions. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I apply for a Taiwan visa application online?

If you want to apply for a Taiwan visa application you have to visit a website www.touristvisaonline.com. when you successfully enter the website you have to select three important things which are mentioned below

  1. The country where you live
  2. The country where you want to visit
  3. Your nationality 

After selecting the above information, you have to fill the application form. where you can apply for your application by following a small procedure. Filling an application form online is easier and time-saving as compared to going to the Embassy and filling the application form. 

Q. Which information will I require when filling the application form for Taiwan Visa? 

Well, this is a really important question that you should know before you start filling the application form you should gather all the important information which includes-

Personal details-  When you are about to fill your details it is really important for you as you have to be careful because this is going to affect your visa if you commit a mistake. In personal details you would be asked for your full name, father's name, mother's name, address of the place where you live, permanent address, and many more.

Passport details-  So when you feel about your passport details make sure that you fill all the details accurately because if you come into mistake or error you will have to pay for it. After all, when a visa is issued it cannot be corrected. Your e-visa is linked with your passport with the help of your passport number so you need to be careful at this point in time. In the passport details, you will be asked for the passport number. 

Q. Do I have to submit documents when submitting the application form for a Taiwan visa?

Yes, at the time you fill your application form and you're ready to submit you are required to upload all the documents that you are asked for. So whenever you start filing an application form you should check the documentation required and be ready with them so that you can complete the procedure without any hurdle. 

Q. How and when I have to pay my Taiwan visa fees?

So let us tell you about the perfect time to pay visa fees. You have to pay your visa fees when you successfully submit your application form so be ready with your credit or debit card to make the payment successfully. If you don't have a credit or debit card you can go with the option of internet banking.

Q. Can I know that my application form for Taiwan visa is successfully submitted?

You don't have to worry about anything as you will receive a confirmation mail or acknowledgment mail on the email address you have given when you have successfully submitted your application form for a Taiwan visa.

Q. Is it possible for me to track my Taiwan visa application status?

You can track your Taiwan visa application status as we at tourist visa online believe in complete transparency with our customers. Tracking for a Taiwan visa will make you stress-free as you will be able to track the current status of your visa processing.

Q. How can I track my Taiwan visa status?

Tracking the status of your Taiwan visa is one of the easiest things you can do you just have to follow a few simple steps after which you will see the current status of your Taiwan visa so if you want to do the same follow the link and check the process to track your visa status.


So we have given all the answers to your questions related to the Taiwan visa application. Like how can you apply for a Taiwan visa? How can you pay for your visa? how can you track your visa status? and many more. Now you can apply for your Taiwan visa without any doubts in your mind. You still have questions related to Taiwan visa policy for Taiwan visa applications don't hesitate to ask as we are always there to assist you.

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