things to remember when traveling to taiwan

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Taiwan is a lovely crossroads of Chinese culture, with beautiful mountain peaks and welcoming local people. The Government of Taiwan gives visa-free travel or visas for over 130 countries upon arrival, which is also reasonably easy to travel. Travel information is widely available online, but you won't find it anywhere else, read this guide on Things to Remember When Traveling to Taiwan for updates.

Arrival and Visa Requirements

The access of 134 countries to Taiwan is easy. If you fly to live, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport will most likely land. Visas are not available for Americans who visit for less than 90 days. U.S. passport requirements indicate you must require a visa from Taiwan before travelling if you stay longer than 90 days and are potentially busy. You can nevertheless enter your next destination without proof. If your agreement includes your employer, your resident Alien Registration Card (ARC) (usually received in two to three months) will be sponsored and processed to make the final decision.

Taiwan's Environmental Issues

The coastal and rural areas of Taiwan are virtually unpolluted. The air looks clean and free of the typical haze accompanying pollutants in the air. However, move inwards, and the air quality changes significantly. Air quality in western Taiwan is low due to a lack of atmospheric dissemination, according to a 2015 report from The News Lens. The levels of fine particles are high from northern to southern Taiwan and the most polluted areas in the central and southern parts of the island. Vehicles, plants, and thermal generators are responsible for the majority of pollution. Combined with Taiwan's high humidity level, visitors can feel less than 100% from the subtropical and tropical climates. Wear a medical mask and decrease outdoor spending time to protect ourselves against inhalation, which could cause headaches or asthma, or breathing complications. 


Money In Taiwan

It's a cash-based country; Taiwan uses the New Taiwan Dollar or the Kwai. While cards are gaining popularity slowly and are accepted at medium-sized restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers, cash is always accepted in cases of doubt. Most (but not all) international transactions are supported by ATMs in Taiwan. Check the VISA PLUS or CIRRUS logo on the machine to ensure international transactions are supported. Bring sufficient cash to the airport or any bank when in doubt.

How To Travel in Taiwan

Public Transportation

Public transport is easy and inexpensive in Taipei. The MRT Metro map is efficient, timely, and clean, at $ 50NT (about $ 1.70US). Outside Taipei, cabs begin at $100NT (around $3.30US), and buses run too, but because cities outside Taipei will be less tight, they are planning to spend more transport money.

Scooter Rental

Away from Taipei is the way to go by driving a scooter. They are quick, efficient, and great for enjoying the environment. A scooter is available for rental outside the majority of Taiwanese train stations, but it usually requires an ARC or Taiwanese driver's license. Your hotel or accommodation could call you or rent you one. They will rarely request an international driver's and passport license. Scooter rental sites: Kenting, Hengchun, Sun Moon Lake, and all outlying islands: Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen, Green, and Orchid Island are all very popular and can only be ordered for copies of your passport and money.

Internet Services in Taiwan

Taiwan claims to be wireless, but for those who do not understand Chinese, most registries are challenging to navigate, and only paying client registration is available. A few stress-free options available to register for iTaiwan—free Taiwan wifi sponsored by the Taiwan government in all public areas and free TPE, which is available at all MRT stations, metro mall, main streets, main commercial/residential areas, and public areas of Taipei. It's easy to buy a local sim card (running around $300NT/$10US) and add up as little as $3.25US for 1GB of data to use your own secure data or hotspot if you plan to go to this place over three weeks or longer. Check out the prepaid SIM card service of Chunghwa Telecom for quick and easy wifi speeds.


Food and Drink In Taiwan


Was the food thought a costly custom you had to cut off? Again, think. Also, traditionally small Taiwanese kitchens come if one is offered at all in the apartment. If you like cooking, you can get used to cooking your meal using hot plates, convection furnaces, and microwaves. Food is everywhere in Taiwan, and local people are drinking a lot. Work is high on the agenda, and many people are not cooking until 7 or 8 p.m. Food prices are easily at low cost, so be prepared to see decent food stands, restaurants, night markets, 7-11 markets, fruit and traditional markets, and other foods. Use your craving and pick a dinner place unless you are excited by the idea of cooking on a few hot dishes without an oven. Cupsticks or spoons are also used everywhere, and you can buy a chopstick purification spray at the local grocers to clean them when you are eating in public, depending on your personal preferences.


Tap water cannot be drunk safely in Taiwan since it has chemical traceability and can be silent (although it's safe enough to wash your teeth). Appear to the environment with a reusable flask. In almost every public area, including hotels, restaurants, and train stops, you will find water filtering machines. Buy bottled water from a convenience store or food store when in doubt.

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