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Hey, you want to visit Taiwan? Do you have any plans for your trip already? If you are confused about which Taiwan visa you should choose for your trip to Taiwan, then you are in the right place as you will get the answer to every question here. So it depends upon your trip which Taiwan visa you should select. Most probably if you have plans to visit Taiwan for tourism then you should select Taiwan's visitor visa. Taiwan provides different kinds of reasons depending upon the period you want to stay in the country. So the first step that you should take while selecting the appropriate Taiwan visa type is choosing the duration for your stay in the country. The purpose of your visit and the time you want to stay in the country should be pre-defined and pre-decided because this is the only base to select a suitable visa for you. 

Taiwan Visitors visa 

Taiwan visitor’s visa is provided to individuals who want to travel to Taiwan for tourism or for visiting the island. It is generally a short term visa and is valid only for the 90 days. This Visa issued is for a few specific purposes like conferences, tourism, meeting, and many more. This type of visa is also issued for the single or the multiple entries up to 3 years or 5 years. 

30 Days Taiwan Tourist visa 

This visa is only provided to the tourists who want to visit Taiwan and want to spend their vacations for leisure time in the country. Most probably people apply for this kind of visa when they want to spend their holidays in Taiwan and want to explore around the country. 

This kind of visa enables you to stay in the country for a particular period in Which you can do whatever you want to do but make sure that the things you are doing are related to tourism like visiting historical places, amusement parks, or any other place but you should not do any business-related activities when you visit the country with the tourist visa because this is considered as a criminal offense. For each kind of activity, there are different kinds of visas.

Stay validity of tourist visa

Stay validity is the period for which you can live in the country on a tourist visa. So if you have a valid visa then you can stay in the country for 30 days. And if you wish to extend your visa validity or stay validity that is not possible and you have to apply for a new Visa. If you get a new Visa that is the only way for you to enter the country again after your previous visa has expired.

Tourist visa validity

Visa validity is considered as a particular period for which your visa is valid. Do not confuse yourself between stay validity and Visa validity as both are different things. So let us explain to you in a simpler language. Visa validity is the period in which you can and to the country and spend your 30 days. If your visa validity is of 20 days then you cannot stay in the country for 30 days because the visa validity will expire and you have to leave the country at any cost.

Tourist visa validity is 90 days and the visibility starts from the day when your visa is issued. Show that you enter and stay in the country between these 90 days. 

Processing Time 

The processing time for the tourist visa of Taiwan is 5-7 days. We recommend you apply for your Taiwan visa 2 weeks before you have planned your trip to Taiwan because if your documents are not accurate or appropriate then you can be canceled at the same time. 

Number of entries with a tourist visa 

If you apply for a 30 days tourist visa then you will be able to enter the country only once. So this type of visa can also be called a single entry tourist visa. So whenever you enter the country make sure you leave only once because you will not be able to enter again with the same visa.

Visa Fees 

When you apply for your tourist visa you have to pay 38 USD as a government fee. In addition to this, you will also have to pay an amount of 26 USD or more as a service fee. 

Taiwan long-stay visa

Visa is issued to individuals who desire to live in Taiwan for a longer period or more than 90 days for any particular purpose. Individuals who want to study, work for entrepreneurs activities require this kind of visa. There are many types of long-stay visas which are explained below by us. 

Taiwan student visa

Foreign nationals who want to study in Taiwan Are eligible for this kind of visa. The only condition for this is that an individual fit to pursue his studies from Taiwan is the Educational Institute and the most important thing that you should know as before you apply for a student visa you should have been selected or enroll yourself for a course in the school or university of Taiwan.

Family reunification visa for Taiwan

A family reunification visa is issued to those individuals whose family members are living in Taiwan and have a permanent resident of the country. but a condition for this kind of visa is an individual whose family member is living in Taiwan should be his husband or wife, parents, or Child. 

Taiwan business visa or Taiwan entrepreneurship visa

So when it comes to business visas or entrepreneurship 20 you can easily understand that this is for business purposes and for the individuals who want to start or expand your business in Taiwan. This type of visa is issued by the government because they want to increase employment opportunities for the people of the nation as well as attract foreign entrepreneurs in the nation. 

Taiwan working holidays visa

Type of visa which is issued to the youngsters all the students who have recently qualified or graduated but the main condition for this is there should be age between 18 to 30 years and should have a working holiday scheme that should be established with the Taiwan government. This visa enables youngsters to work and spend their holidays in Taiwan for up to 1 year. 

Frequently Asked questions

Q. What is the process to get a Taiwan visa?

If you are eligible to get an online visa to apply for the one and it's not, then you should we'll the nearest Taiwan is diplomatic mention and apply for your visa there do not forget to take your documents along with you. At the time you fill the application form for your visa you will also be required to submit all the documents along with the application form in person. 

Q. What is the process to get a Taiwan visa offline?

The process to get a Taiwan visa offline is explained below

  • In the first step, you will be required to complete the online Taiwan visa application form.
  • You should print the application form.
  • This is the most important as you have to collect all the documents that are required for you to get a visa.
  • All the documents and application forms in the Taiwanese diplomatic system are mentioned in person.
  • You may also have to go through an interview process if they consider it as an important part.
  • After your interview has been conducted you will be required to submit the visa fees.
  • Now your visa will be in processing and you have to wait until you get an email or a verification call from Taiwan for a diplomatic mission.
  • Now your visa will be processed and you will get your visa by a male or a post. 

Q. Can I live in Taiwan permanently and how is that possible?

Can live in Taiwan permanently but you have to show your five-year work-based ARC or a JFRV without breaking Residency status you may be eligible to apply for Taiwan's permanent residence certificate or APRC. 

Q. Do Indian Passport holders require a visa for Taiwan?

Indian passport holders can travel Taiwan with an electronic travel authorization visa or they can get a visa on arrival on entering the country but the only important condition for this is you should have a passport with the validity of 6 months. 


This is all about the Taiwan visa types off and if you wish to get an online visa for Taiwan that is being provided as a tourist visa so if you have any plans for desired to visit I want for tourism purposes you can apply now on the tourist visa online. So select the suitable visa type of Taiwan as per your purpose of visit. If you want to check your eligibility criteria to visit I even then you should read the Taiwan Visa policy.  

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