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Taiwan is home to some of the most beautiful trekking routes, a vibrant metropolitan skyline, some of the best people in the world, and a wonderful haven of food, of course! Here are some of the best Foods You Must Try in Taiwan and enjoy the epic taste of Taiwan spices and cooking style.

11 Top Foods You Must Try in Taiwan

Taro Balls

Taro balls or utopia in Taiwan are omnipresent – almost everywhere in the country, you can find this traditional dessert. The balls of smooth, chewy taro are lightly sweetened with a drizzle of syrup, either over chipped ice or as warm dessert soup.

Although not invented in Jiufen, the Grandma Lai Taro balls on Jinshan Old Street are some of the best taro balls. Their rendering is served with green mung beans and sweet, soft potato cubes.

Fresh taro is pelleted, steamed, potato starch is mixed and dipped in pieces of bite. They then are cooked to achieve their famous "QQ" structure in boiling water. This colorful dessert looks just as good as it wants, available in a range of flavors such as Original, Green Tea, and Sesame!


Peanut Ice Cream Roll

Creme spring rolls with candy and cilantro filled with peanuts. It sounds like an odd combination – but trust me, you must try that.

A-Peanut Zhu's Ice Cream Roll from Yilan, Jiufen's Jishan Street, sells this singular snack from Taiwan. Two taro ice cream, ground candy (apparently made in Yilan waters), and fresh coriander springs are part of this Spring Roll Lookalike. This roll Lookalike is made of

The smooth ice cream and the salty peanut candy shavings are contrasted and beautifully balanced by the addition of cilantro at the end of the day.

Zhua Pancake

In streetside restaurants and stalls throughout Taipei, scallion pancakes, or cong you bing, is found. But go to the best of the best in the lively Yongkang Street to Tianjing Chong Zhua Pancake.

There's always a snaking queue in front of the street stall, where you can see that crispy coating that binges in front of you, in the heated grid.

There are two things that make pancakes at Tianjin to the next level: firstly, the flawless layers of crunchy and fluffy soft dough. Secondly, whatever your belly wants – the topping options of ham, cheese, eggs, etc. There's something special, plain or jazzed, about your pancakes, which warrant several return trips. What else can you ask for a street snack for just one-to-one dollars a pop?

Iron Egg (Tie Dan)

Iron eggs or ties originate in the north-eastern city of Danshui and remain a popular street snack. Grandma's Iron Eggs, a small store on Zhongzheng Road, features the best iron eggs.

The chewy tie dan is a tedious process – the eggs are repeatedly air-dried and cooked in a highly secretive broth to achieve the required color and texture. Every batch of eggs appears to go 11 times through this process!

The tie dan is delicious, smooth, and slightly spicy and a popular local bar snack. They can be fresh or bottled with a vacuum and come with different flavors such as garlic, sauce chili, and originals. They are also delicious.


Taiwan is renowned for producing some of the world's finest teas, especially popular with its oolong tea. Taiwanese teas can vary significantly in taste and often have distinct flavors that distinguish them from teas grown elsewhere due to the continually changing weather conditions on the island. That makes them some of the world's most popular teas.

Pearl milk tea

While traditional tea here in Taiwan is popular, pearl milk tea is even more prevalent. It is so popular now that it is served worldwide and is commonly referred to as bubble tea or boba tea. This tapioca ball-filled drink is created here in Taiwan and quickly becomes the official drink of the island for a good cause. It takes some beating until afternoon snacks go.

Beef noodles

The home of beef noodle soup is said to be Taiwan, and here in Taipei, you will find the most expensive bowl in the world. However, there are practically every corner of the hotel where visitors don't have to spend US$300 for the bowl because each of them has its own unique recipes. Make it a beef-noodle soup if you just try one meal in Taiwan.

Pineapple cakes

These little shortcuts, filled with pineapple paste, are the most delicious treatments after dinner with a cup of tea. Many companies make their own snacks, but probably the best known is Sunny Hills. These are a great souvenir because you can bring them home on the plane.


Oyster omelet

It makes sense for a place with great seafood to have one of the best-known seafood dishes. You will find dinners in this dish at any meal restaurant in the country (there are a lot of them). It's an omelet with oysters, as you probably guessed, but it's the sauce that often goes with the dish.

Dan bing

These tiny pancakes are served rolled up and sliced into pieces of the morsel, and filled to your choice with egg and other fillings. Bacon is famous, but tuna, maize, cheese, or sausage are also available. It's the perfect hot breakfast to keep you full until midday.

Stinky tofu

Everybody heard of this dish, and very few tried it. And because many tourists can't just get past the smell. It's as stinky as you would expect it to be, but it's pretty delicious if you can ignore the flavor.

So these were some of the Foods You Must Try in Taiwan and take your tastebuds to the trip of heaven. So why are you waiting till now? Go and get your Taiwan Visa from Tourist Visa Online and have a fun trip to Taiwan.

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