How to Apply Turkey Visa For Ethiopia Nationals

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Turkey Ethiopia Relations

Turkey and Ethiopia used to have long-term foreign relations. In that relationship status, there are many conflicts, diplomatic, and contentious terms, but they exile all the circumstances and join hands for its trading business status. From the period of the Ethiopian war, the turkey country has recognized and provided the essential needful help, as the Ethiopian country is been required with military help to sustain the war field, the turkey embassy helped them so that they can perceive a good relationship with the Ethiopian country. From the era of 1912, the Ethiopian country gained its independence and the Ethiopian embassy of the constitution was set up. Turkey's country has firmly formed a relationship with Ethiopians and another foreign country so that turkey can generate help from them in times of their independence. 

The Ethiopian country consultant general and embassy office have both been opened in the Turkey territory of Istanbul to ensure connectivity; this was formed. Since the 2000s, the Ethiopian country has formed a political, constitutional, economic, and arms agreement with turkey country. the turkey embassy, Abiy Ahmed, who is the president of Turkey, signed the military petition with the Ethiopian country's embassy at the destination of Ankara.  


Ethiopia History

The Ethiopian embassy has been recognized since the rule of Aksum. When it slowly started to grow up it was formed with many communist parties, which gave great rise to their country’s origin. Earlier, Yeha has grown up the capital land of Ethiopian, but for maximum trading export ground. Aksum has been officially declared as the capital of the Ethiopian country. They firmly believe in the Christian religious status, so the maximum of its population were Christians, as some quarter of foreign religious people have migrated to Ethiopian country, that why some of its populations are Islamic believers. 

The Ethiopian country has founded its first writer Philostratus, who has derived the Ethiopian country history through his writing, for his writing; the country is been derived, and gained its separate identity; soon it has been built as a tourist attraction place of a visit, for its cultural heritage. For a few years, Portuguese migration to this Ethiopian country has increased quite impressively. 

The Ethiopian country's economic conditions are stable and developing. The maximum trader of Ethiopians is from the Arab countries; it has been a safe country as it follows peace and maintains good and positive relations with its neighboring country. The terrorist attacker rates are quite medium, though the Ethiopian embassy does not support these activities, and is supporting taking preventive steps so that these terrorist activities can be stopped.

Turkish Airlines

Turkey's airports have been allotted sufficient airline services. The turkey embassy has passed a law that they will allow the Ethiopian Nationals entry into Turkey, by maintaining all the terms and conditions of covid. The flights from the Turkey country are available for travel, but it follows the travel restrictions-

  • Travelers who are traveling to airports must not have a high temperature, cold, or cough.
  • They must conduct a PCR test, and the candidate must travel within 72 hours; otherwise, the PCR test will expire.
  • Must conduct a full health examination
  • Will be under quarantine for 7 days
  • The visa will only be validated after the step-in to Turkey country.



  • They will be providing fresh masks before onboarding
  • Separated sitting arrangements have been designed to maintain social distancing
  • The travelers must avoid congregating 
  • In the airplanes, HEPA filters are being injected due to the covid precautions.
  • All the check-in processes are conducted by maintaining social awareness
  • The travelers are requested to assist in all the sanitation processes which the airline authorities are conducting.

Turkey Visa

Ethiopian Nationals have been imperialized and allowed by the turkey embassy to apply for visa conditioning. The Ethiopian Nationals, after satisfying all the visa conditions, then only their turkey visa will be approved. For these challenging situations, the Turkey country is only offering a single type of visa- as with this visa only a single entry can be progressed. 

The turkey embassy is allowing some specified preconditioning visa types, which are mainly preferred by the tourist for their traveling purpose. For a minimum time, it offers 60 days, and it can further be extended up to 90 days as a maximum term.


First, visit a booking website

  • Search for the visa application form
  • Provide all original documents
  • Clear the payment status
  • Must keep a print copy of the application form
  • Submit the application form


- After the visa has been sanctioned the embassy will process some steps

  1. The embassy will conduct a police verification process
  2. The embassy will send an executor to visit the applicant's location for the verification procedure.
  3. An interview session will also be progressed

Turkey Visa Requirement

  • Must get an original documentary copy of passport
  • must get a color image requirement for the visa application
  • They must conduct a PCR test, and the candidate must travel within 72 hours; otherwise, the PCR test will expire.
  • Must conduct a full health examination
  • Immigration letter of approval from the emigrant officers 
  • All the evidential person details are necessary, (especially the person’s name, address, location, preference designation, citizenship documents, etc.) 
  • Must have given the bank statement and transaction evidence.
  • Clear the payment status
  • Must keep a print copy of the application form
  • If the candidate has any criminal history, then he/her is not eligible for a turkey visa.


Turkey Visa Online

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Apply Turkey Visa

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