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Turkey is one of the popular destinations among tourists. The country Turkey offers a variety of entertainment options and sight-seeing options to the tourists. Tourist Visa Online offers amazing Turkey Visa packages to allow travellers to explore tourist attraction places in Turkey. Turkey has something for every kind of travellers – whether you are on a family trip, for a relaxed stay or your honeymoon. You will find all sort of exciting options in Turkey. Visa requirement varies for travellers depending on their nationality. Let us see further about Turkey Visa On Arrival.


  • What does a Visa On Arrival mean?
  • Turkey Visa On Arrival
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Visa On Arrival
  • FAQ’s

What does a Visa On Arrival mean?

The term, Visa On Arrival in itself is very clear to understand. Visa on arrival refers to the permit given to certain countries and their travellers to travel to a particular country without a visa. They can get their visas once they arrive in their respective country. Visa on arrival eligibility is different for every country. Certain countries you may get your visa on arrival once you reach the country and for certain countries, you will have to apply prior for visa on arrival and you will then get your visa. However, make sure you have checked the countries eligible for visa on arrival to your travel destination. And if your country permits for visa on arrival then make the most of it.

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Turkey Visa On Arrival

Turkey visa on arrival is only available to a few countries citizens. To get Turkey Visa On Arrival, the travellers have to meet the criteria set for the same. With Turley visa on arrival, travellers can travel to turkey without the visa, they will get their visas on arrival at Turkey. The traveller availing Turkey Visa On arrival has to stand in queue and pay the visa fees to get their visas. Here is the list of countries who are eligible for Turkey visa on arrival

Antigua and Barbuda Bermuda Haiti Malta
Saint Lucia Armenia Canada Hong Kong
Mauritius S.V. and the Grenadines Australia Croatia
Indonesia Mexico Spain Austria
Dominica Ireland Netherlands United States
Bahamas Dominican Republic Jamaica Norway
United Kingdom Bahrain Estonia Latvia
Oman Barbados Greek Cypriot Lithuania
Poland Belgium Grenada Maldives

North Korea citizens can also get visa on arrival for 30 days stay in Turkey. The only criteria for them are that they need to hold a valid visa or residence permit issued by Schengen area countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Visa On Arrival

The biggest drawback for Turkey visa on arrival is that it is available for very few countries. The travellers of these countries have to wait in long queues to get their visas. And if there is any technical issue at the Kiosk, then the wait is endless.

It is always advisable to go for e-visa for Turkey as they are more time saving and efficient. Travellers can apply for Turkey Visa Online by just at the comfort of their home. So its time to say bye to long queues for visas on arrival and travel smarter way by applying for e-visa for Turkey.

The process is faster and simpler. You can apply for turkey e-visa through Tourist Visa Online. All you need to do is visit theTourist Visa Online portal and fill the Turkey Visa Application.


  • Will I be able to get Turkey visa on arrival?

Turkey visa on arrival can only be obtained if you are an eligible traveller. Check the list of countries whose citizens have been given the permit for Turkey visa on arrival. There is a special condition for it. If you are a citizen of a country who has been given visa on arrival permit to Turkey then you will get your visa once you reach Turkey. To get your visa on arrival you will have to wait in a long queue at the airport and wait for your turn to come to avail your visa. This is very time consuming and tiring.

There is a better option available for you. Whether you are eligible for visa on arrival or not, you can apply for your e-visa at the comfort of your home. This is the best option as you will end up saving your time. You will not have to wait in queue for hours for your turn to come. Get your e-visas from Tourist Visa Online and start exploring Turkey.

  • Is there any travel restriction introduced in Turkey post-COVID 19?

Turkey had taken effective precautionary measures ever since the pandemic. They had initially put restrictions on travel and all the borders were closed. The borders with Turkey are now open to all tourist. You need to be aware of any restriction that may be introduced with short notice. Just stay alert. Keep watch on the news related to Turkey travel to get details related to post COVID travel advisory.

  • Will I be able to travel to Turkey amid COVID restrictions are in place?

All the travellers who have met turkey’s immigration regulations will be allowed to enter Turkey. The travellers will have to carry their passport and must have a valid visa with them to enter Turkey. However, if you are travelling to; turkey you must be prepared for any restrictions that can be introduced within short notice. This is why travellers must be updated with the latest travel updates provided by their local government before leaving for Turkey

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