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If you are planning a trip to talk with your family or friends you should have their own knowledge regarding Turkey Visas for Indians. There are many things that one should be aware of like Turkey visa policy. Indian citizens can get visas by using online services which can make the whole procedure of getting a visa easier than ever before. No need to go to the embassy and in those long queues just to fulfil your paperwork. Now when you apply for your visa using online services you just have to complete the procedure simply from your home.

Doesn't this idea excite you that how you can get your visa by simply sitting at home? If yes then you have the opportunity to get your visa without any efforts. Just have to pay a specific amount and the whole work will be done by a team.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do Indian citizens need a passport for travelling to Turkey?

Yes, Indian citizens need a passport for traveling to Turkey and it is considered as one of the most important documents for getting a visa. Your passport should have the maximum validity of six months for traveling to Turkey and if you don't have the passport validity of a minimum of 6 months then you should get your passport renewed as soon as possible.

Q. What is the maximum time period for which an Indian citizen can stay in Turkey?

It really depends upon the visa you have to choose for traveling. If you choose to get a 30 days visa then you are eligible to stay in the country for 30 days. It is recommended for you to check the stay validity of the visa before you apply for the one.

Q. For how long Turkey visa valid?

The visa validity of Turkey visa in 180 days. At this time, you can go and stay in turkey. The visa validity starts from a day when a visa is issued by the embassy.

Q. Do Indian citizens apply for a Visa on arrival for Turkey?

No Indian citizens cannot apply for a Visa on arrival. This facility is provided only to the citizens of a few countries. Indian citizens can apply for an electronic travel authorization visa which is also known as e visa.

Q. Can I apply for a business visa for my meeting if I belong to India?

Yes, you can apply for a turkey business visa for your meetings or conference if you are an Indian citizen holding an Indian passport. Whenever you have a meeting or conference in Turkey you should choose a business visa as it is specially designed for business-related purposes.

Q. Will it takes for processing my turkey visa if I apply online from India?

If you have applied online for your Turkey visa from India the processing time is the same that is 3 to 4 working days.

Q. I am From India and want to apply for a Turkey visa but I am confused about how I will get my visa?

You will receive your visa after processing from a mail that is provided by you at the time of filling the application form. If you do not receive your visa through the mail that you have registered, we will try to send your visa on the alternate email provided by you. You don't have to worry about the process of reaching the visa to you.

Q. I am Indian and want to study in Turkey. What should I do?

If you desire to study in Turkey then you should apply for a student visa for Turkey. There is a specific procedure for you to get a student visa. The first thing that you need to do is to select a college or school where you have plans to pursue your education. you will require an application from the side of your registered school or college with the signature of the higher authorities claiming to invite you for pursuing your studies in Turkey.

That letter will help you to enter Turkey then you will require an e-visa for entry in the country and then you have to submit all the documents to the institution where you are going to continue your studies. The next step is to register yourself for the student visa that will be done by the institution where you are studying.


We at tourist visa online believe in complete transparency with the customers and aim to provide the best services around the world. When you have applied for your visa with the team of tourist visas online you don't have to worry about anything and you can start planning for your trip as now all your stress will be handled by us and you can enjoy your trip without any kind of worries. Apply for your Turkey visa for Indian citizens now. Even if you want to visit the country later you can get a visa in advance.

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