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Visiting Turkey is a dream for many. The beauty of Turkey has captivated many tourists across the world. Applying for a Turkey Visa through an embassy can be very tedious and time-consuming. But with e-visas, this can happen in just a few minutes. Here is your complete guide for Turkey Visa Online


  • Purpose of Turkey visa online / Turkey e-visa
  • Online visa a boon to travellers
  • About Tourist visa online
  • Tourist visa online your best visa service partner
  • The requirement to apply for Turkey visa online
  • Step by Step Guide to applying for your Turkey visa online

Purpose of Turkey visa online / Turkey e-visa

E-visa is a very important official document that is a permit for travellers to enter and travel within Turkey. Turkey e-visa is an alternative to visas that are issued at Turkish embassy or at airports at the time of entry. Travellers can now obtain their visas electronically. All they have to do is enter the required information in the online Turkey Visa Application, attach the documents and make the payment against visa application. Travellers approved visa will be sent on the email ID. It is advisable for all travellers to keep a copy of their e-visa in case they have to show at the port to enter Turkey.

Online visa a boon to travellers

Currently, nearly 40 countries have the authority to obtain Turkish E-visa. Travellers from these countries can happily say GOODBYE to the offline process in which they have to visit the Turkish embassy to apply for a visa or wait at the airport in a long queue for hours to get visas. Travellers from these countries can easily obtain their e-visa from anywhere by just spending 10-15 minutes online.

About Tourist visa online

Tourist visa online is the website for visa-related services. They have services through which one can easily apply for your e-visa conveniently. They have visa status service where after the application has been processed you can track your visa.

Tourist visa online your best visa service partner

Want to know why is tourist visa online your best visa service partner?

Tourist visa online offers services like:

  • Online visa application
  • Easy documentation
  • Visa assistance 24x7
  • Online payment for visa application
  • Track visa status

This is everything that a tourist wants. Tourist visa online is your one-stop solution for visas.

The requirement to apply for Turkey visa online

There are certain Turkey Visa Requirements that need to be fulfilled to apply for Turkey visa Online:

  1. You must have a return ticket.
  2. You need to have a valid passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months
  3. Hotel reservations for you stay in Turkey
  4. Have funds of at least 50USD per day for your stay in Turkey.
  5. Have a residence permit or valid visa from UK, USA, Ireland or Schengen country. This has to be in physical sticker form. You will have to show this before entering the country.

Please note: Turkey e-visas are only applicable for Business and Tourism purpose.

Step by Step Guide to applying for your Turkey visa online

You need to know that not every country is eligible for Turkish e-visa. Turkey visa online is available for those who have valid visa or residence permit of USA, UK, Schengen country or Ireland. If you do not hold a valid visa from these countries then you will have to apply for sticker visa through embassy.

For those eligible for Turkey visa Online, here’s your step by step guide to apply for turkey visa online:

  • Visit Tourist Visa Online
  • Choose your residing and citizenship country and the country you want to apply visa for.
  • Enter your travel date: The travel date must be within the next 3 months. If you are travelling over three months then it is advisable to wait for a couple of days and then apply for turkey e-visa. The visa validity is of 180 days, this means that you can travel anytime within this period. But remember that the stay validity is of just 90 days.
  • Fill in the application form: The next step is to fill the details required in the application form. You will have to fill in your details. In personal details, you will mention your personal information - mention your name or applicants name correctly. In passport and travel information feed in the details of your passport. You need to enter valid information as they are in your passport. In case the details do not match with your passport, your visa will be rejected.
  • Upload documents: Upload all the required document against your application.
  • Make Payment: You can Pay Turkey Visa Cost online against your visa application by using Debit/credit card, bank transfer, money transfer, e-wallet or PayPal.
  • Application ID: Once you have submitted the application form your application ID will be generated.
  • Track visa status: With the help of application ID and passport number, you can easily Track Visa Status online.
  • Download Visa: Once your visa has been approved you can download the same from Track visa status.
  • Check Email: Your approved visa will be emailed to you on the email ID provided by you in the application form. Make sure that the email ID is correct. If you don’t have one, it is advisable to create an email ID before proceeding with an online visa application.


  • When can one apply for a Turkish visa?

You must apply for Turkey visa at least 30 days before your travel dates so that even if your visa gets rejected you have enough time to proceed with visa application again.

  • In case my visa gets rejected, will I get my application fees refund?

No, the visa application fees will not be refunded to you if your visa gets rejected.

  • What is the most required document for Turkey transit visa application?

You need to have a passport and onward flight tickets if you are applying for Turkey transit visa.

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