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Turkey is a beautiful nation and lots of things to enjoy. The day and nightlife in Turkey are great. There are many best restaurants in Turkey that you can enjoy. So here are some of the Best Things To Do in Turkey.

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10 Best Things To Do in Turkey

Ride at Bosporus

A ferry trip on the breathtaking, black Bosphorus is one of the most visually satisfying ways to immerse yourself in the gracefulness of Istanbul. Even local people consider it an unbelievably romantic activité, where they can enjoy a warm tea by sailing past the area.

Besides seeing various communities in the entire area, you will enjoy activities such as sampling local drinks such as tea and coffee, feeding seagull, watching the sunset, etc. Without a doubt, it is one of Turkey's most relentless activities to explore the city from a romantic new viewpoint.

Visit the Beautiful Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia Museum is not only renowned for its beautiful Byzantine and Ottoman historical artefacts but is also known for its incredible architecture that dominates the Istanbul skyline. It is a unique structure, which since the building in the sixth century AD has acted as a Mosque and a church.

Since 1935, Hagia Sophia has been the Turkish History Museum, and it is possible to go outside, observe beautiful mosaics, calligraphy samples and other artefacts that have reigned over Turkey. It's a masterpiece of architecture in Europe, and when you come to Istanbul, you must visit the museum.

Trip to Grand Bazaar

The Istanbul bazaars are world-renowned. You have to visit the most extensive, greatest bazaar of all - the Grand Bazaar to witness this culture firsthand. The Grand Bazaar is the oldest covered bazaars globally with more than 4,000 shops and more than 61 streets in its circumference.

The bazaar's elegance, colour and design are at the same level as its countless items, including joys, furniture, lanterns, tiles, accessories, jewellery, bakery, shoes, furniture, antiquities and everything else that you can imagine.

It is the ideal spot for scouting souvenirs, but even if you don't intend to buy something and want to look around, you won't be disappointed by the Grand Bazaar.

Enjoy the Tram at Taksim Square

It may look like a regular activity to tram from Taksim Square, but in fact, it is one of Turkey's most exciting things. The experience of tram transport in Istanbul is a World Heritage Service. The local architecture of Istanbul, the different road markets, and Istanbul's natural beauty will be open to tourists from Taksim Square to Tünel Square.

Istanbul tram services are top-rated because they belong to one of the world's oldest transport networks. Tram transport is not only a pleasant experience but also a way of being a part of Istanbul's ancient past.

Eat Seafood Under Galata Bridge

It's a must-visit Galata Bridge to get some of Istanbul's finest seafood. Under the bridge, you will find various beautiful restaurants that serve delicious seafood, tea and coffee and enjoy a fantastic view of the Bosporus River.

There is also a market for fresh seafood, cheese, wine and other things you may bring home. Living music sessions and shows are often also performed in front of Galata Bridge's restaurants, making them truly unforgettable.

Enjoy the Great Dervish Show

A traditional ceremony called Mevlevi Sema takes place in the famous rocking ruins of Istanbul. These artists perform this is a traditional dance with an exceptional style of dance called ayin. Whirling Dervish show is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you have to make sure that you verify one of these activities if you are in Istanbul.

The output outlines the human being's way to utter perfection beyond the boundaries of life and love. The display is a spiritually enlightening experience, not just of an entertainment value. It is undoubtedly one of Turkey's most beautiful items, and you have to get yourself a ticket if you're in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmad Mosque, also called the Blue Mosque, was built from 1606 to 1616 under Ahmad I's direction and control. Until then, it remains one of Istanbul's most prominent structures and acts as a mezzanine for the locals. The magnificent building is composed of five main domes that make up the mosque body. The cups are framed by six minarets and eight other cupolas intricately designed.

Also, the mosque's scale, shape, and design are sufficient to keep you alive, apart from its historical and religious significance. The mosque is lined with blue tiles inside and outside, and at night, it also has an ethereal glow with blue light.

Have Fun at Miniaturk Park

Miniaturk Park is the most exciting places in Istanbul that you can visit, especially if you travel with kids. More than 105 models have been built in this park, all for your amusement, to create a miniature Turkey.

The park is represented by some of Turkey's most prominent structures. These were built on a 1/25th scale that makes you feel like a real giant when you walk between them. It is an enjoyable experience for the entire family and certainly a perfect way to see what Turkey has to do.

Visit the Underground City

True or not, in Cappadocia, there are more than one underground cities, but in town, you should certainly stop at Kaymakli, the most significant underground. Since the area was si in a volcanic zone, the city was founded by the Kaymakli. Although there are eight underground levels, only four are publicly accessible.

The well-established halls, storehouses, assembly houses and many other underground wonders can be travelled around, withstanding the time test since its building sometime in 300 BC. This system's cultural significance and architectural creativity are one of the most exciting things we can do in Turkey, which is difficult to find anywhere else.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Sampling Cappadocian local cuisine is an important activity in Turkey as local cuisine is renowned worldwide for its unique recipes. Some traditional dishes are prepared locally, known in Cappadocia, but are also known to Turkey worldwide. The guests come from far and wide to taste this unique combination of herbs, home-grown recettes and uniquely flavoured meat and dessert preparations.

When in Cappadocia, make sure you try your "pottery kebabs' signature, a special dish made up of spiced meat and vegetables, cooked over 4-6 hours in clay pots. The tone is only produced from the Red River in Avanos when the dish is cooked. Gözlem - a savoury pancake mostly made from potatoes, beef, cheeses and même spinach - should be tried too. A restaurant called Cappadocian Cuisine is one of the best places to try local cuisine.

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So these were some of the Best Things To Do in Turkey. So get your Turkey Visa and enjoy the beauty of this great nation.

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