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Travelling to Turkey, US citizens will no longer have to Apply Turkey Visa offline at a national embassy or wait in long queues at the airport for Turkey Visa on Arrival. United States citizens can now very easily apply for Turkey Visa Online instead of the offline method or waiting in the queue. The online Turkey visa application process for US citizens is very convenient and easy to apply.

US citizens may apply for turkey visa online for tourist visit purpose or Business travel purpose. Turkey visa for US citizens can be applied through Tourist Visa Online.  The visa grants stay permit for up to 3 months in the country.

It is mandatory for all US citizens who wish to travel to Turkey to apply for Turkey Visa. The visa has to be applied before the travel.

Any visitor who is transiting to Turkey to further destination has to apply for Turkey Transit Visa to avail permit to pass through Turkey border. Whether you stay for 3-4 hours or more, you must have a valid passport with you along with an onward ticket.

There has been a tremendous increase in American tourist travelling to Turkey in recent years. Turkey has been amongst one of the most visited tourist spots. The country has become very popular as a holiday destination among the tourist.

Turkey Visa for US citizens

The easiest way to apply for a Turkey visa is by applying online. All you need is a fair internet connection you complete the online Turkey Visa Application process for turkey visa. US citizens can very conveniently apply to online turkey visa at the comfort of their home. The online application process is very convenient as you can apply from your laptop, tablet or even mobile phone, whichever gadget is comfortable for you.

Online visa application is preferred as it goes for processing immediately the minute after you have submitted your application. You will have to apply for an online visa before your date of travel to Turkey as the visas have to get approved for your travel.

The online application is also reviewed by Turkey Immigration Department. The visa upon approval will be sent on the email ID given in the application form. You will have to keep a copy of your visa while travelling to Turkey.

Online visa process for US citizens

The online application process is always the best option to apply for e-visa. Here’s how you can proceed with just four easy steps that will take less than 10 minutes of yours:

  • Choose your living country, citizenship country, and the country you want to apply for a visa
  1. Visit Tourist Visa Online
  2. Fill in relevant details of the Country that you live in, your citizenship country, and the country that you are willing to apply for a visa.
  3. After filling these detail you can click on Apply Visa option.
  • Select the valid type of visa
  1. You can select the visa according to your plan
  2. For Turkey, Tourist Visa Online has 2two type of visa option for US citizens – 90-day tourist visa(single entry) and 90 days tourist visa (multiple entry)
  • Fill in the Turkey Visa Application Form on online portal
  • Pay relevant Turkey Visa Fee and track the status of your Visa
  1. You can either pay through your debit card/credit card or PayPal.
  2. After the payment is generated, you will receive your application ID
  3. You can Track Visa Status online by entering your application id and passport number.
  4. Upon approval of your visa, you can download your e-visa from Tourist Visa Online and the same will be emailed to you.
  5. You will have to take the print of your visa.

Turkey Visa Application form for US citizens

The structure of the Application form is very convenient and easy to understand. You need to fill the basic information and proceed further. Tourist Visa Online has divided the Turkey Visa application form into four categories or steps:

  • Personal Detail: Under personal detail, you will have to fill in all your personal information. Under the given name, you need to mention your name or applicants name. The remaining details include
  1. Applicant’s surname
  2. Applicant’s father’s name
  3. Applicant’s mother’s name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Gender
  6. National ID no
  7. Marital status
  8. Email ID (This is very necessary as you will receive your visa on email as well).
  9. Alternate Email ID
  10. Mobile No
  11. Profession
  12. Education
  • Passport and Travel Information: Under this, you will have to feed in the details of your passport. So make sure you have a passport handy with you. Details asked in the form are
  1. Applicants passport number
  2. Passport type
  3. Date of issue for passport
  4. Passport expiry date
  5. Date of arrival ( when are you travelling and reaching )
  6. Date of departure (When are you returning)
  • Permanent Address details: You will have to mention the details of your citizenship place. The important details asked in the documents are:
  1. Address 1 (permanent address of in your citizenship country)
  2. City (the city where you reside)
  3. Country (Country where you are from)
  • Upload Documents: You will have to upload an important document that is needed while applying for a visa online. In case you miss out on any then there are high chances for application getting rejected. You also need to be aware that you cannot upload more than seven documents.

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Visit Turkey from the US

After you have applied for your e-visa through Tourist visa online, and your visa has been approved, you can travel to Turkey. You will need to present your passport at the immigration service to enter the land of Turkey. You will have to keep a copy of your visa too.  You will not be needing a transit visa if you are changing flights at Turkey airport.


  • Do citizens of the US need a visa to visit turkey?

Yes, it is necessary for US citizens to have a valid visa to enter Turkey. Visa can be obtained through an online application. Tourist visa online allows travellers to obtain a visa easily. The stay validity on Turkey visa for US citizens is of 90 days.

  • Can US citizens get a visa on arrival for turkey?

US citizens may get visa on arrival however it is very tedious to wait in queue for hours for a visa. The easiest and simplest option for a visa is to apply for it online.

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