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Check Turkey visa status online at Tourist visa online just by entering passport number and application ID. The visa status of Turkey is one of the most awaited topics and is asked by so many people when it comes to applying for a Turkey visa. Lots of questions arise in the mind of people related to Turkey visa status and that is why we choose to give detailed information on Turkey visa status.  Now you can check Turkey visa application status in just a few minutes if you follow this simple procedure. This is a common query among the people who apply for a Turkey visa by using online services. If you choose to apply for your Tourist visa online then we can help you with Visa status and confirm whether your visa is processing timely or not.

Important information required for checking Turkey visa status

There are two important things that you must know about because this is the only key through which you can track your visa status. Are you excited to know about them? If yes then read the below article carefully in order to get ready with the following information to track your visa status.

  • Application Number- Application number is one of the most important pieces of information that will lead you towards tracking of your visa status. Application number Is a unique ID that is given to every individual who applies for a Visa online. The application number is provided to an individual when he fills the application form. To check your application number you can check your application form.
  • Passport Number - Turkey visa check by passport number another way of tracking Visa status by following a simple step. When it comes to passport number it is a unique alphanumeric id that is provided to every passport holder to identify them.

Frequently asked Question

Q. How can I check my Turkey visa status?

To check your turkey visa status you have to undergo a small procedure which will help you to track it just in a matter of seconds. We have tried our best to make you understand the whole procedure in the simplified manner below:

  • In the first step, you have to go to the website where you have applied for your visa. When you successfully reach the website you have to for the option track your visa status and if you find one then click on that option. By clicking on the option you will be redirected to a page where you will find two empty columns where you have to fill the required information.
  • In the two columns, you are required to fill the application number as well as the passport number. When you are done with the whole procedure you can move towards the next step that is submitting the required information after which you will see the result is declared in front of you.

Q. Is there any Alternate way to track the Turkey visa online?

Yes, there is another way which is easier than the first one to track your Turkey visa status. You have to just have to follow a link which you will receive in your confirmation or acknowledgment mail when successfully submitting the application form. The link is attached to the specific purpose so that you can easily track your visa status by just following a link without any complicated procedure. So it clearly depends upon you which way you want to choose for tracking yours.

Q. Do I have to pay money for tracking my visa status for Turkey or it is free of cost?

No, you don't have to pay any money for tracking your turkey visa status absolutely free of cost. This service is being provided free of cost to make the process of tracking easy and to ensure that your Visa is being processed timely.

Q. I am visiting Turkey next week from my trip before visiting the country. I want to know how much cash I can take with me to the country?

As you know that every country has fixed a particular amount that you can take along with when planning to visit a country. When it comes to Turkey you are only allowed to carry 5000 USD along with you for your trip. If you exceed the given amount then you are to submit proof of the money you have borrowed. Along with this, you can carry your credit or debit card to make further transactions.


So, now you can track the status of your Turkey visa without any difficulty. We have discussed two alternate ways through which you can track your visa status. It clearly depends upon you which process you want to follow for checking the current status of your visa. If you face any difficulty in tracking your visa status you can ask us and we will help you for sure. So why to be worried when you can track turkey visa status easily.

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