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If you are a citizen of Kenya and wish to visit Turkey then you should apply for your Turkey visa for Kenya now. Kenya Citizens can apply for Turkey visa online at Tourist visa online where The Process is Completely Online. Also, you can Track your Turkey visa status online once you applied for your Turkey visa. Turkey is one of the amazing places that is visited by most of the tourists in the world. It is considered as a famous spot for tourism in Turkey. Well, the citizens of all the countries are not eligible to apply for an answer for Turkey this special opportunity to apply for an e-visa of Turkey is only e available for the citizens of a few countries.

Turkey issues E-visa for the nationals of 40 countries and will add the name of a few more countries in the future who are eligible to get an e-visa for entry to Turkey. Kenya passport holders can now apply for an electronic travel authorization visa by using online services instead of going to the embassy physically and completing the whole procedure of applying for a visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a Kenya citizen work in Turkey on a tourist visa?

No, citizens of any nationality can't work in Tokyo on tourist visas. It is considered illegal and is a punishable offense. You can be punished if you try to conduct activities on tourist visas. If you want to work in Turkey you have to apply for an employment visa for a work visa.

Q. How can I visit Turkey if I am a citizen of Kenya?

Yes, a Kenya citizen can visit Turkey. You just need to have a visa. If you want to visit Turkey for tourism purposes or to explore the beauty of Turkey then you need to get a tourist visa which is perfect for the short and long term stay in Turkey.

Q. Can I pay the Turkey visa fees in Kenya currency?

No, we do not accept any other kind of currency like Kenya's currency. You can only pay your Turkey visa fees in USD.

Q. I already have a visa for traveling to Turkey If I am a citizen of Kenya?

If you are a citizen of Kenya traveling to Turkey then you are not required to apply for a Turkey visa again. But if the visa validity of your Turkey visa is expired then you will be required to apply for your Turkey visa again. because you cannot visit Turkey on the expired visa.

Q. What do you mean by Turkey's visa validity?

Turkey visa validity means that your visa is valid for a specific period and will expire once the visa validity expires. If your visa validity expires then you have to get another visa for yourself to enter Turkey.

Q. To visit Turkey with my children next week is it important to get a separate e visa for my children?

Yes, you need to get a separate e visa for your children. As one citizen can visit only on one visa. We recommend you to apply for your child also to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Q. Can I show my Turkey visa on the phone?

No, you cannot show your Turkey visa phone. You need to get a print of your Turkey visa. This will help you to avoid any inconvenience.

Q. Can I track my Turkey visa status?

You can track your Turkey visa status in two ways. Both the ways are explained in detail by us below:

Track Through a link- you can track your visa status through a link that is provided to you at the time of filing an application form. If you click on that link you will be redirected to the page where you have to fill an application number and passport number after which you will be able to see the current status of your visa.

Track by visiting Touristvisaonline- You Can track your visa status by visiting our website and clicking on the track your visa status after which you have to fill your application number and passport number and click on the submit button and the result will be displayed in front of you.

Q. Is there any chance to cancel the Turkey visa after paying the fees?

No, you cannot cancel a Turkey visa after paying the visa fees because there is no refundable policy available. So, you Should decide first and then apply for the Turkey visa.


Now all your dreams of visiting Turkey can come true. What are you waiting to apply for your Turkey visa from Kenya now? It's not difficult to process your visa when you apply for your Turkey visa online at Tourist visa online.

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